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Mano Amiga Schools

School Update January 2015:

Current Featured School: Mano Amiga Tapachula- Chiapas, Mexico

Tapachula is in the state of Chiapas, where about 75% of people live in poverty. Most residents farm for a living, speak an indigenous language and 18 out of every 100 persons cannot read or write. Most people in this state drop out of school after the 7th grade.

Catholic World Mission donors have kept Mano Amiga Tapachula children in school! 

Our spring campaign has allowed us to fund construction of two high school classrooms in Mano Amiga Tapachula, in the impoverished state of Chiapas, Mexico. Teachers in this school have cringed to see these students turned away at middle school graduation, after so much hard work and dedication. Many students have been dropping out after 7th grade, to combat this issue the school has raised some of the money to build a high school.

Look at the difference we can make! Tapachula statistics show:

  • Most children drop out of school after the 7th grade.
  • About 75% of people live in poverty.
  • Most people farm for a living and speak an indigenous language.
  • About 18 out of every 100 persons cannot read or write.

By allowing these children to have a high school education in the safe, formative environment of Mano Amiga, we are providing an avenue for children to raise themselves, their families and their communities out of generational poverty. We are so excited for Mano Amiga Tapachula because they have laid their first brick for their high school. Make sure to follow their story under Mexico's school page.

Mano Amiga Tapachula has been giving a leg up to families in this poor area since 2006, providing just about every student with a scholarship. An impressive 90% of parents participate in school activities, including sacraments and parenting classes.

Catholic World Mission is actively engaged in a campaign to help fund a high school classroom plus supplies for a computer and science lab. 


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All Mano Amiga Locations:

  • 1963 Zomeyucan, Edo. de México, MEX.
  • 1964 Tizapán, Distrito Federal, MEX.
  • 1974 Monterrey (La Boquilla), Nuevo León, MEX.
  • 1979 León, Guanajuato, MEX.
  • 1987 Cualcan Lerma, Edo. de México, MEX.
  • 1989 Recoleta, Santiago de Chile, CHILE.
  • 1989 Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, MEX.
  • 1990 Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEX.
  • 1991 La Cima, Nuevo León, MEX.
  • 1993 Chalco, Edo. de México, MEX.
  • 1994 Torreón, Coahuila, MEX.
  • 1994 Filas de Mariche, Caracas, VZLA.
  • 1997 Bello, Antioquía,  COLOMBIA.
  • 1999 Irapuato, Guanajuato, MEX.
  • 2001 Acapulco, Guerrero, MEX.
  • 2002 Región V, Santiago de Chile, CHILE.
  • 2002 Santa Teresa de los Andes, Santiago de Chile, CHILE.
  • 2003 Fátima, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.
  • 2003 San Antonio, La Paz, ES.
  • 2004 La Montaña, Fila de Turgua, VZLA.
  • 2004 Villas de San Juan (León II), Guanajuato, MEX.
  • 2005 Conkal, Yucatán, MEX.
  • 2005 Querétaro, Querétaro, MEX.
  • 2006 Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, MEX.
  • 2006 Culiacán, Sinaloa, MEX.
  • 2006 Puebla, Puebla, MEX.
  • 2006 Tapachula, Chiapas, MEX.
  • 2006 Sao Paulo, BRA.
  • 2007 San Paulo, Brazil
  • 2007 Taguig, Phillippines
  • 2008 Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala
  • 2009 Cancun, Mexico
  • 2009 Morelia Michoacán, Mexico
  • 2009 Santa Fe de la Laguna, Michoacán, Mexico
  • 2011 Zipaquira, Colombia