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December 1, 2017

3 Ways YOU Can Be an Inspiring Christmas Miracle

Poverty in rural India is striking. 216 million people live in poverty in rural areas, and those in scheduled castes and tribal villages are hit hardest by poverty. Fr. Seby, one heroic priest in rural western India, is tackling this issue head-on.

Check out this infographic about poverty in India

80% of India's poor live in rural areas, making Fr. Seby's outreach vital to survival of the thousands of children he and his fellow priests care for. Part of their work with poor tribal children has involved providing a special Christmas meal to the children under their care.

For the last three years, you’ve made it possible for this time of year to truly be a season of miracles for more than 6,000 children in rural India. Your generosity has shown these little ones, again and again, what the Christmas spirit is all about.

This year, you have the opportunity to bring life-changing Christmas cheer to even more children and families in rural western India. Here are three ways you can share the light of Christ with our Christian brothers and sisters this holiday season:

3 Ways to Give a Christmas Miracle in 20171) Christmas Feast

Every year since 2014, you’ve given a Christmas feast with chicken, rice, an apple, and another piece of fruit (usually a banana) to thousands of children living in poor Catholic boarding schools. Chicken, rice, and fruit seems like a very simple meal, but the children who receive it only eat rice and lentils every day. Chicken and fruit is a true feast! This year, we want to feed 2,947 more children a Christmas feast!Little girls enjoy their Christmas feast at Dudhani, 2015

A gift today of $20 or more will make this year’s Christmas meal possible. Give now.

Give a Christmas Feast to a hungry child in India today.


2) A Bus is a Lifeline for the Region Children standing around their community's new jeep!

Over the years, thanks to your generous support, the mission in this region of India has truly expanded. The missionary priests have been able to reach some of the remotest areas. Many people have recently converted to our Catholic faith! They hunger and thirst for the gospel. They want to know more about Jesus. Transportation of large groups of people to pastoral events is nearly impossible, so many of these new Christians don’t get the chance to come to the events where they could learn more about God and his love for them. Fr. Seby and his brother priests know a bus would change all of that.Give today to families and children have access to pastoral programs and events which will introduce them to the person of Jesus this Christmas season.

With the gift of a bus, you will help the locals attend pastoral programs, and get home safely afterward. Fr. Seby, in his truly generous nature, also wants to share this bus with 10 local schools, so they can give children and families access to their programs, too. By giving a bus, you will not only help local people know Jesus, but you will also help 10 schools!

A gift today of $50 will make a bus possible. The total cost for the bus will be $23,956. Give today because every gift, big or small, makes a huge difference to the tribal villagers of India!



"If we were able to buy a bus for the Mission, we would not only be able to use it for our pastoral programs, it could also be shared with 10 local schools who have to hire a bus for their programs. The bus would enable us to plan our programs more flexibly as well as offer a facility to our poor schools. I really do wish this would be possible.”-Fr. Seby


Children celebrate Christmas in India, with two little boys dressed like Santa and one of his elves! So cute! Girls enjoying their Christmas meal in 2015 Fanta is a special treat only given at Christmas. For us, it's a common beverage, but for the children in India, a glass of fizzy Fanta adds to the joy of Christmas!


Little girls like Sharon and Patience desperately need a new dining hall.

3) 112 Little Girls Need a Dining Hall

112 girls in Dudhani need a dining hall. Right now, they share a dining hall with the boys, but the space is cramped with the growing number of children Fr. Seby and the others serve. (This is a good problem to have, but one we need your help to solve.) The boys’ dining hall is a considerable distance from the girls’ dormitory. When it rains—which is often, especially during monsoon season—the girls have a hard time getting to their shared dining hall. By the time they arrive, they are often soaked to the bone.

Every day, the girls in Dudhani carry each meal to the boys' dining hall, which is 100 meters away from their dormitory. That's the length of 20 VW beetles! Imagine having to carry your breakfast and dinner 20 car lengths every day, rain or shine, only to have to walk that same distance back to go to bed or brush your teeth. That's the reality for these 112 girls.

Giving these girls a dining hall of their own will not only increase their safety and comfort now, but it will allow us to accommodate more and more children, and will be a gift for years to come.Give the gift of a safe and secure dining hall to 112 girls in rural India today.

A gift today of $117 will make the girls’ dining hall possible. The total cost of construction will be $27,669. Together, we can provide a safe structure for India's precious girls. You can help 112 girls stay safe and warm today, and provide safety for countless girls for years to come. Please, give today. 

(Take a look at the boys' dining hall, completed last year, below. The construction of this building would've been impossible without your incredible generosity!)


Construction on new boys' dining hall Boys' new dining hall 2016 Boys enjoy their first meal in their new dining hall, 2016

Father Seby, Father Tony, and Father _____ in Dudhani. These priests and other members of their order are responsible for the care and formation of thousands of children in their area. Christmas 2015 - young children in Dudhani act out the Christmas story, representing Mary, Joseph, and singing angels Little boys eating their Christmas feast in 2015 

Your Gift Today Makes a Lasting Impact

  • $20 gives 10 children a simple Christmas feast of roast chicken and fruit
  • $50 gives hope to poor locals who want to come to pastoral programs offered by missionary priests
  • $117 helps buy wood, nails, and other materials for the girls’ new dining hall
  • $500 or more takes a huge chunk out of the big price tag of a bus or new building

Give a Christmas Miracle in India today.

Remember: your gift today will be an instrument of God’s love in action, ministering to children in desperate need.

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