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November 2, 2018

For Maame and her two sons in Enchi, Ghana, the search for clean water once trumped everything. 

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They would walk hours every day to find water. Maame owns her own business, but some days she couldn’t open shop if the closest water source was unavailable due to drought or contamination (a common problem in many developing countries). Maame's sons, Bernard and Evans, were too tired in school to focus or learn, and some days they didn’t make it to school at all.

The search for water, which is so key to daily survival, was having harsh long-term effects on Maame, her family, and her village.

But because of your giving and care for the poor, in 2014 Catholic World Mission was able to help the village of Enchi build a well.

Maame and her sons Bernard and Evans now have daily access to clean water thanks to your generosity!Maame, Bernard and Evans, and all of Enchi now have a safe, reliable, and nearby source of water. Maame can open her business every day and can reliably provide for her boys. Bernard and Evans are excelling in school now that every day doesn’t begin with an hours-long trek to a distant water source.

And in addition to the benefits one family enjoys because of this well, the entire region is doing better. Water-borne illness is on a rapid decline and life keeps getting better and better for Enchi, all because they now have access to clean water.

This is what your partnership with Catholic World Mission accomplishes. You alleviate real material suffering and bring desperate people the truth of Christ’s love for them.

That is what Christmas is all about—God becoming man in the person of Jesus and joining us—you and me—in the poverty of our fears, worries, and sufferings.

You can make the miracle of Christmas truly come alive this year—for your family and for people around the world like Maame and her children—when you give a gift from our special 2018 Life of Love Christmas Catalog.One of the most important Christmas gifts you can give this year is the access to clean water for children in remote villages throughout Africa.

Your gift today will have a profound impact on the lives of some of the most desperate children and families around the world. Your giving will allow Catholic World Mission to step into their stories and give them the most beautiful gift—the gift of hope.

Even more, your gift in the name of someone you love turns this selfless act into something more beautiful.

Three easy steps to make a big impact this Christmas:

  1. Pray for the people around the world your gift will help. We firmly believe that your prayers are just as important as your donations!

  2. Browse the real gifts below. Every gift listed below fulfills a real need for children, women, and families around the world.

  3. Click an image to give. You'll be directed to a webpage where you can give a life-changing gift today.

​As a special gift, you can also download this card when you give a gift in memory or honor of a loved one. You can customize the to/from fields, and then print or download your personalized Christmas card to send to your loved one via email or regular mail. 

Gift Gallery - Life of Love 2018 Christmas Catalog

Life of Love 2018 Christmas Catalog

Click here to give beds to orphans who have suffered so much! Click here to give a motorbike to catechists in remote villages who travel long distances to share the faith in remote areas Click here to give the life-saving gift of water to people in need!

Click here to give a poor child the school supplies he or she needs to learn well at school! Help a woman find her dignity when you empower her with the gift of access to career training! Goats and chickens are one of the most unique, cost effective gifts you could give to a woman or family in need this Christmas. Easy and inexpensive to raise, the products these animals produce reap huge profits for the families who receive them!

While addressing vital physical needs, it would be remiss to not give you the opportunity to address spiritual needs as well. Give a chalice and other liturgical items to churches in poor dioceses around the world! Give a monstrance to a parish or diocese in need and spread the gift of Eucharistic Adoration around the world! Every gift to the general fund goes directly where the need is the greatest. Giving to the general fund is the easiest way to do the most good for the most people around the world.

Every single gift listed above will fill a real need for real people around the world.

Plus, you can give any of these gifts in honor or memory of a loved one! Present your loved ones with a meaningful gift given in their honor this Christmas. Enjoy the knowledge that your gift will truly make Christmas a hopeful event for the poor people and communities we serve who are waiting for something to be hopeful about. 

Emery, an orphan in DR Congo, takes a nap during more peaceful times. Last spring, he and his fellow orphans were forced to flee their home when civil war broke out in DR Congo.People like Emery, a young orphan in DR Congo. He was saved by a group of faithful Sisters who run an orphanage in the rural village of Ndekesha. Last year, civil war broke out in DR Congo, making it unsafe for Emery, the Sisters, and the other orphans to stay in Ndekesha. Their only choice was to flee in the night.

They walked 75 miles to find safety. It took 10 days for them to arrive because they had to trek through thick jungle, with no food or shoes, and were even detained by a militia at one point. Thanks be to God that they all made it to safety, although some were gravely ill from the difficult journey. 

Thankfully, once Emery and the others arrived in their new city, faithful Catholic World Mission donors stepped up and gave generously so that Emery, the other orphans, and the Sisters would be able to have a place to live, food to eat, and medicine to treat their illnesses. Without your help last summer, the situation for Emery and the Ndekesha orphans would have gone from bad to worse. But your generosity saved their lives.

Or people like Rosa, a widow who lost everything she owned in a devastating 8.2-magnitude earthquake that struck Chiapas, Mexico, last fall. She had nowhere to go and nowhere to turn for help.Your generosity bolstered Rosa's faith in God's mercy, because your giving allowed her to rebuild her life!

But thanks to your constant generosity to Catholic World Mission, we sent aid to Rosa as soon as we heard her story. Thanks to you, a safe, sturdy home was built for her, and she's putting her life back together. 

And even more, your generosity bolstered her faith in God and gave her hope. She tells us, "God is so merciful. He always helps us by means of people like you. I have great confidence in our Lord. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for what you have done for me."


"God is so merciful. He always helps us by means of people like you. I have great confidence in our Lord. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for what you have done for me.” - Rosa, Chiapas, Mexico


Children, women, and families around the world are waiting for the hope your generosity will bring them this Christmas.


Browse the catalog above and click on any image to give real gifts to real people in desperate need

God bless you always for the impact you make with every gift. 

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