About Us

​Our Mission:

To alleviate material and spiritual poverty by empowering the poor and sharing the Gospel of Christ.

Who Are We?

Catholic World Mission works to spread the message of the Church and rebuild communities worldwide. We are the hands, feet, and eyes of Christ to impoverished children and families. We are passionate about our work for the physically, spiritually, and intellectually poor. We support the work of priests, religious, missionaries, and lay people working to make a difference in the lives of others, materially and spiritually. We take seriously Jesus’ admonition that “whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me” (Mt 25:40), and we stand in the gap between the poor of the world and our generous donors, making a way for Jesus to be better known to the poorest of the poor and to the benefactors who give so selflessly where the need is greatest.

Catholic World Mission is an organization that was founded on May 28, 1998 by a Legionary priest, a member of the Regnum Christi movement. Regnum Christi is an apostolic movement within the Catholic Church comprised of Legionary and diocesan priests, seminarians, consecrated men and women, and Catholic lay people throughout the world who serve the poor and the evangelizing mission of the Church.

What Do We, As Catholic Missionaries, Do?

At Catholic World Mission we believe in alleviating suffering, illuminating the mind, and igniting the Spirit. We accomplish our goal through our pillars of work:

  • Dignified Living: Every day, millions of our brothers and sisters in Christ suffer from severe poverty. The services we offer through our Dignified Living pillar provide physical restoration through food-based services, safe structures and medical support, while also proclaiming the Gospel to those who might be hearing it for the first time.
  • Education: While we often take our access to quality education for granted, many children around the world are unable to apply their God-given abilities to help their communities. Through the Mano Amiga school system and other educational services, hope is given to children and families in poverty, giving many an opportunity to end the cycle of poverty.
  • Evangelization: Everyone deserves the life-changing chance to know Jesus as their savior. We are proud to share the Gospel of Christ through a range of evangelistic services via our Evangelization pillar. Our Christ-centered programs offer spiritual hope and healing to both Americans and people in countries around the world.

We alleviate suffering by providing material support through our Dignified Living  pillar, illuminate the mind by providing opportunities for affordable Catholic education for the poorest children through our Education pillar, and ignite the Spirit to new heights by providing the sacramental, healing, and life-giving power of Jesus Christ and His Church through our Evangelization pillar.

The projects we sponsor go beyond basic charity work — we use each dollar we receive to help poor communities grow in long-term self-sufficiency. When you give to a Catholic global missions organization like Catholic World Mission, you aren’t just giving your money away. Your dollars support ongoing physical and spiritual healing that will last for generations to come.

How Do We Accomplish our Mission?

Empowering the poor missionary services

We use our Trinitarian approach. In every project we support, there are at least three major groups involved:

  1. The community in need;
  2. A dedicated partner helping oversee the project (which can include priests, religious, bishops, and lay people); and
  3. The generous Catholic World Mission family of supporters.

We do not, and cannot, do our work alone. For every Catholic World Mission project, we:

  • get to know the people in the communities we serve and ensure they are actively involved in finding a solution to their needs
  • partner with other entities who are willing to devote sufficient time and resources to the community
  • seek the assistance of local priests and religious to provide spiritual support to the community
  • connect Catholic World Mission supporters to these projects by engaging them in opportunities to become part of the solution
  • hold the community, our partners, and ourselves accountable to our supporters with a strict policy of full documentation of ‘use-of-funds’ and proof of accomplishment within agreed upon deadlines for completion. Catholic World Mission scrutinizes the operational aspects of every project we undertake to ensure that our benefactors’ hard-earned donations are put to best use, and spent as they were intended.

We also take a long-term view of projects by forming relationships with all the people we work with.

How Are We Different?

While we could use and value all funds from anyone who wants to help, we will never compromise our principles. CWM is accountable to God, and to caring friends like you, who make our work possible. We cannot accept funds that would restrict or prevent us from not only empowering the poor but also spreading the Gospel..

We will never be ashamed of our faith or unwilling to proclaim the light and hope of our Lord. Together, we are standing strong for the full Gospel – in both word and deed. With it comes the long-term love and support of a local church community who cares for the whole person.

When someone receives a gift from Catholic World Mission, they also hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and experience His love daily!

Scripture & Pope Francis Provide Focus for Our Work

As a Catholic mission organization, we are fully in line with Scripture and Church teaching. Below are one of the verses that inspire us, as well as a one of many of Pope Francis’s statements that fuel us to keep working for the poorest among us:

Matthew 5:16 – “Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.”

In Pope Francis’s words, “It is not enough to offer someone a sandwich unless it is accompanied by the possibility of learning how to stand on one’s own two feet. Charity that leaves the poor person as he is, is not sufficient. True mercy, the mercy God gives to us and teaches us, demands justice, it demands that the poor find the way to be poor no longer.”

Where Do We Serve?

Our reach spans far beyond the U.S. to places throughout South America, Africa, Europe and Asia, including areas as diverse as:

Check out all the places worldwide where we help communities!

We choose each project and location with great prayer and consideration. We work where we are most needed and where we can guide the community toward self-sufficiency through education, evangelization and physical restoration.

We believe it isn’t enough to help communities’ physical needs without also offering them spiritual hope. While we will never refuse care to anyone based on their religion, we’ll also never serve anywhere that would prevent us from sharing the Gospel. Our aid is distributed among areas that allow us to freely share our faith with the community.

How Do Donations Work?

Your donations go to support the Church’s mission of helping the poor and spreading the Gospel. Each dollar we receive goes directly to a community we’ve partnered with.

We believe the best Catholic charities to donate to offer more than handouts. Your support provides more than material possessions to communities — they allow us to give disadvantaged people hope for ongoing physical and spiritual healing long after we leave. We directly involve communities in the restoration process and teach them how to maintain their self-sufficiency into the future.

We treat each of your dollars as carefully as if they were our own, which means holding a strict policy of accountability. We require ongoing documentation of each project we sponsor through receipts, pictures, videos and testimonials. This way, you stay informed as to where your hard-earned dollars are going throughout the entire process.

How to Donate to Our Catholic Charities

You can donate either specifically to the pillar or place God has laid on your heart or as a general donation on our secure site.

If you have any questions about our organization, contact us for more information.

Catholic World Mission (GA) Inc. (“CWM”) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization exempt from federal income tax by virtue of being listed in the Official Catholic Directory (OCD). Our Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 83-4136780.


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