About Us

​Our Mission

Catholic World Mission bridges the gap between donors and partners to uplift those in spiritual and material poverty.

Our mission rises on three pillars:

  • Evangelization — bridges the spiritual gap by introducing God’s love to as many people as possible. By words and deeds, together with our partners we introduce and proclaim the message of Jesus Christ and how He brings peace to our lives, puts joy in our hearts, and gives hope in times of need.
  • Dignified Living — bridges the gap of poverty by meeting the material and spiritual needs of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters in Christ. Clean drinking water, sanitation projects, goats for milk and meat, and a dormitory for an orphanage are just some of the dignified living projects our donors have helped turn into reality.
  • Education — bridges the gap to the future by attacking poverty at the root level and uplifting youth and entire families with the knowledge and values they need to discover their God-given talents, reach their full potential, and elevate their community.

Who We Are

Catholic World Mission is a Catholic charity that works to spread the message of the Catholic Church and rebuild communities worldwide. Catholic World Mission was founded on May 28, 1998 by a Legionary priest, a member of the Regnum Christi movement. 

The projects we sponsor go beyond basic charity work — we use each dollar we receive to help poor communities grow in long-term self-sufficiency. When you give to Catholic World Mission, your dollars support ongoing physical and spiritual healing that will last for generations to come.

Our Partnership Model 

In every project we support, we use our Trinitarian Approach which involves three major groups. Transforming communities takes the teamwork of:

  1. Our generous Catholic World Mission family of supporters
  2. A trusted partner (such as dedicated priests, bishops, religious orders, or lay people)
  3. The community itself 

All of our work is done in partnership with each community in need. Our partners come to us for help because they trust our process and know we intend to lift up their projects. 

We want to assure our benefactors that we are good stewards of their hard-earned dollars. We vet all potential partners to ensure integrity, and we require an endorsement from the local bishop to approve each project. Through our formal funds-distribution process, our partners are obligated to provide materials illustrating how the use of funds transformed the community. 

Empowering the poor missionary services

Where We Work 

We serve more than 30 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and Central and South America. 

Check out all the places worldwide where we help communities!

How to Donate and Support

Your gift, in any amount, always goes where it will have the most impact to advance our mission of uplifting those in spiritual and material poverty. 

We treat each of your dollars as carefully as if they were our own, which means holding a strict policy of accountability. We require ongoing documentation of each project we sponsor through receipts, pictures, videos, and testimonials. This way, you stay informed as to where your hard-earned dollars are going throughout the entire process.

Jesus made it abundantly clear that our calling as Christians is to care for the most vulnerable among us as a sign of our love for Him. Your support allows us to give disadvantaged people hope for ongoing physical and spiritual healing. We also ask for your prayers of support and to kindly share our work with your friends and family.

If you have any questions about our organization, contact us for more information.

Catholic World Mission (GA) Inc. (“CWM”) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization exempt from federal income tax by virtue of being listed in the Official Catholic Directory (OCD). Our Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 83-4136780.


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