This is How to Help Fulfill God’s Promises in 2019!

2018 – A Year of Great Success

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2018 was full of amazing achievements and beautiful new friendships. From the start of a brand new project in Bangladesh and a brand new program supporting seminarians around the world, to the completion of a new church in Ghana, to funding new desks for students in Mexico and Colombia, you provided so much for so many of our brothers, sisters, and friends around the world. You were God’s hands and feet to those who are hurting and vulnerable.

But one of our favorite moments last year happened in DR Congo…

Thanks to your generosity, the orphanage in the tiny village of Ndekesha was renovated and rebuilt. The process took two years to complete. Our friend Bishop Pierre Celestin was on hand to bless the new property last August and celebrate with the children and religious sisters who care for them.

These smiles are contagious and the children are so cute! But this celebration signifies more than just a new building.

You see, in 2017, civil war raged in DR Congo and it came to tiny Ndekesha. The children and sisters had to flee—on foot, walking for 10 days—to a city about 70 miles away. At one point, they were detained by a militia, despite making their trek at night through thick jungles to get away without being detected.

Praise be to God, all the children and sisters arrived safely in Karonga. They had nowhere to go at first, but thanks to your generosity, the sisters were able to find a one-room house to rent.

For the next year, you helped make that tiny one-room house a home for the little ones. You provided food and medicine for the children, and your generosity gave the sisters peace of mind as they worked to care for the children while living in an “exile” of sorts.

And in summer 2018, the Ndekesha orphans finally got to come home to the home they had fled—the newly renovated Ndekesha Orphanage.

So the celebration above wasn’t just for the dedication. It was a homecoming celebration, in the truest sense. It was a celebration of health and survival. And most of all, it was a celebration of the fulfillment of God’s promises to protect and defend orphans and widows.

None of this would’ve been possible without you.

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For your consistent, ongoing generosity, we thank you.

On behalf of children like Norbert and the other Ndekesha orphans, and countless other children, families, and communities around the world, thank you. You’ve been a great instrument of God’s love and grace through your partnership with Catholic World Mission.

But the truth is, without your help right now, these same children, families, and communities will have nowhere to turn when new needs arise in 2019.

And when the Lord sends us new friends who need help, as he surely will, we can’t help them without you.

Your gift today will allow us to respond with a resounding yes! when new, unforeseen requests for aid come to us throughout 2019.

Only God knows who he will send our way this year, but we pray with our most sincere gratitude for the miracles you made possible in 2018:

And for every project or story listed here, there are 10 more that we could tell you all about. Stories of newfound hope, deepest need, and the grace of God becoming manifest in the lives of countless individuals. Your giving literally shapes every corner of the world and makes it a better, more hopeful place for some of our poorest brothers and sisters! Your generosity is extremely powerful.

2019 – Make an even bigger impact for the world’s poor who desperately need your assistance!

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As you look over these photos from the past year, we want you to remember something incredible: you help fulfill God’s promises. You are an instrument of God’s faithfulness for some of the poorest people around the world. You are the answer to the prayers of little ones like Norbert in DR Congo.

Please, give now, and be the answer to the prayers of countless others in 2019.

Together we can be the hands and feet of Jesus on earth. We can bring the poorest of the poor His peace, His help, and His hope. As we renew our commitment and strengthen our resolve, we can continue to make a powerful difference in the lives of hurting individuals.

Let’s continue to join God in His rescue plan for the world—sharing His love, His peace, His grace, and His goodness.

Will you consider making an even bigger impact in 2019 with a monthly gift?
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