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Every year, Catholic World Mission sets out to make a difference in the world and to emulate the servant’s heart of Jesus Christ. We get requests from around the globe as the need for food, clean water, natural disaster relief, healthcare, education, and shelter is dire. People and communities have cried out for help, and you have abundantly responded!

In 2021, Catholic World Mission supported more than 53 projects across 25 countries, and none of this would have been possible without YOU!
Orphans of Ndekesha in DR Congo
Ndekesha, DR Congo
Girls at Bottomley Orphanage enjoying Christmas meals
95-year-old Mbwali Teopista takes care of her grandkids in Uganda
Broadcasted masses, Uganda
Legionaries of Christ. Apostles’ House blessing in Poland
Evangelization programs, Poland

Your incredible support led to an enormous global impact in 2021 which included projects such as:

  • Continuing our monthly support to the Ndekesha orphans throughout the pandemic in DR Congo
  • Feeding hungry parishioners in Playa del Carmen, Mexico through Solidarity Suppers- a self-made community kitchen
  • Providing a safe place for 130 girls at the Bottomley Home Girls’ Orphanage in Bangladesh
  • Purchasing, shipping, and transporting vital medical supplies and hospital equipment to rural clinics to treat vulnerable patients
  • Bringing hope and joy to more than one million people through radio broadcasted Masses in Uganda when in-person Mass was prohibited
  • Building water towers and purification systems that deliver safe and clean water to thousands of people in Ecuador, DR Congo, and Ghana
  • Bringing back young people to the Church by supporting evangelization programs in Poland
  • Supporting 37 Mano Amiga schools where severely impoverished children are receiving a life-changing education and spiritual support
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Dia del Niño celebration Solidarity supper Playa del Carmen Mexico
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Shipped supplies and medicine have already made a huge impact at St Martin de Porres Hospital in Ghana
Medical supplies
Children back from river 4km away to get clean water
Water towers
Supporting Mano Amiga Schools

Annual Fund Drive 2022

“I heard from so many desperate partners around the world…But we are not losing hope. We continue to rely on God and the generosity of faithful supporters…Thank you for your continued generosity. You remain in our prayers during this difficult time.”Deacon Rick Medina

Throughout the year we work hard to be the hands and feet of Jesus to many areas around the world that live in dark and hopeless circumstances. However, for every project we share with you, there are many more we diligently work on behind the scenes. Throughout the year we can increase the number of projects we take on due to our Annual Fund Drive. Donating to the Annual Fund Drive allows us to touch more communities, people, and churches that desperately need our help.

Are you able to contribute $57 and give 5 blind families a reliable source of food in Sri Lanka?

Not only would giving to our 2022 Annual Fund Drive benefit even more parts of the world, but also provide us with the opportunity to give continued support to missions we were able to begin or resume in 2021.

Can we count on you to give 10 children in Haiti the basic life necessities for $340?

Giving to the 2022 Annual Fund Drive makes a significant difference in the lives of many. This important fund can help to ensure a safe environment for the orphaned girls at the Bottomley Home in Bangladesh and feed sick children and blind families in Sri Lanka. It can also help support full-time missionaries in Latin America and go towards completing the water tower project for the Ndekesha missions. This fund has blessed the lives of many who otherwise would not have a chance at obtaining essential living supplies if it were not for your outstanding generosity!

As we ring in 2022, Catholic World Mission is completely dedicated to spreading the love of God to the places that need it the most right now. The only way we can give aid to the people and communities that are crippled by poverty is through you! Giving to the 2022 Annual Fund Drive is committing to changing the lives of many who are in the most desolate situations.

Sri Lanka
CFSOP in Haiti helping people in need with their feeding program
We have the chance to help even more parts of the world than ever before thanks to your continued support.

Your support funds projects like these – Donate Now!

Feeds Hungry Families: Bless 5 blind families with a dry ration pack in Sri Lanka. Each package will include rice, milk powder, lentils, sugar, and other non-perishable food.

Sends Life-Saving Medicines: Supply antibiotics and life-saving medicines to clinics in Ghana, the Philippines, and Gambia through our Gifts in Kind Program

Supports Full-Time Lay Missionaries Around the World: Pay for training, materials, and travel expenses around the world to spread the Catholic faith and assist priests.

Provides Care for Children: Give 10 children essential living necessities including food, toiletries, bedding, and clothing to help the CFSOP Sisters deliver life-saving aid in Haiti.

Sponsors a Seminarian: Pay for 3 months of a seminarian’s education and essential living items. Last year, Catholic World Mission sponsored 92 seminarians.

Provides a Quality Catholic Education: Support one student with a full year at one of the Mano Amiga schools around the world and help pave their path out of poverty.

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