Start the New Year in an Impactful Way!

Catholic World Mission is extremely grateful for all you have done to support our work in alleviating material and spiritual poverty with a helping hand to the poor and sharing the Gospel of Christ.

Every year, YOU make possible more than 50 life-changing projects worldwide!

Thanks to your selfless giving, YOU have been able to:
  • Send underprivileged children in Latin America, the Philippines, and Bangladesh to school and receive a quality Catholic education
  • Provide nutritious meals for thousands of hungry families in Mexico
  • Care for children with disabilities in Kenya
  • Feed malnourished children through nutritional outreach programs in Haiti
  • Sustain the construction of Catholic schools in Nigeria, Cameroon and Uganda
  • Support Seminarians as they pursue their divine calling
Kids at Mano Amiga School Cancun Mexico
Summer 2022 The Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor thank YOU for showing mercy to God’s poor in Haiti. Unfortunately, the recent earthquake was followed by hurricanes and the flooding of the Mission Center. In the midst of natural disasters, violence escalated throughout Haiti, resulting in dozens of schools, medical centers, and businesses to remain closed. Many people have been struggling to find basic necessities such as food and medicine. Despite these relentless challenges, the Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor are trusting in God’s merciful love and care to press on and be a safe haven for the poorest of the poor. The sisters have faithfully continued their Children Feeding and Nutrition Outreach Program to feed hundreds of children, a Mobile Clinic Service for essential healthcare, and an Emergency Outreach Program to care for the most devastated families. Your generosity has shed light in some of the darkest times in Haiti, allowing the poor to be fed, find safety and security, and to be treated with dignity. Soon, the sisters plan on rebuilding the Mission Center with your continued prayers and support.
Dia del Niño celebration Solidarity supper Playa del Carmen Mexico
Thanks to your generosity, St. Mary's School in Uganda now has a reliable structure
Kenya is helping disabled and mentally handicapped children
Seminarians_SMA_Zambia Seminary

We cannot fulfill our mission without YOU. Please help us continue to change lives around the world by committing to support our critical 2023 Annual Fund Drive.

Your generosity will help determine how many projects Catholic World Mission can support in the year ahead. You will also help sustain our emergency fund, so we can respond when disaster strikes our brothers and sisters in Christ on a worldwide level.

When you commit to our Annual Fund Drive, You are uplifting Bonnya, a child with parents that work on a tea farm in Bangladesh, to pave the path out of poverty and pursue a quality Catholic education. You, along with the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega in Kenya, are helping Ivan, a child living with cerebral palsy get the proper medical and emotional care he needs to flourish. You are supporting George Tano, a Seminarian in the Diocese of Wiawso, to be able to continue his Formation as he trains to spread the Gospel and transform communities. Your generosity touches the lives of many around the world and helps them discover the goodness and power of the Lord Almighty. Any gift of any amount will combine with the gifts of thousands of other compassionate people to help alleviate poverty and lead more souls to life in Christ.

Kenya is helping disabled and mentally handicapped children

Ivan’s life has changed healthily and positively thanks to your support.

Bangladesh - Bonnya, 7, in front of her school

Your generosity will help Bonnya change the course of her future forever.

Support these devoted young men as they serve our Heavenly Father

Seminarians including George may lead your local parish one day, so it is important to support them during their formation.

As the New Year is in full spring, let us start on a positive note that will set the tone for months to come. Give God all the glory in 2023 and see how it changes many lives through our Annual Fund Drive!

Give now to our Annual Fund Drive!

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