John Paul II Center

The Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ is striving to create a ‘resource church’ in Vienna, Austria to encourage evangelization and fellowship in the European Catholic Church. Their vision is to build a house of prayer, a place of encounter, a source of growth, and a movement of church renewal.

This is to combat secularization that has unfortunately advanced in Europe. The goal is to achieve 1,200 direct beneficiaries over the next ten years and to grow a network of “resource churches” that help other parishes develop a missionary focus and become resource churches themselves.

The John Paul ll Center aims to gather the community around the Eucharist and Holy Mass as they are considered “the fount and apex of the whole Christian life” (LG, 11). The Center is also focusing on providing space for children as young families are “of primarily importance” (CCC, 1656).

“Here I have had the experience of not being alone in my faith.  I want to pass that on to young people. ” Samuel Ringhofer.

The dream is for people to experience prayer in a life-changing way and to truly understand what it means to worship the Lord throughout their lives.

The John Paul ll Center is already a spiritual home for many people. It is a place where one can meet friends, and where one can come to recharge spiritually. But it is also a place of service, of encounter with oneself and with others, with God.

Samuel Ringhofer.

“I want everyone who walks through that door to feel accepted and valued.” Sara Tkacyk.

Sara Tkacyk.

Your donation would help cover the construction and interior of the chapel, as well as the children’s ministry spaces at John Paul II Center.

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