Send Tea Farmers’ Children to School

The tea farms in Sylhet, Bangladesh are truly a sight to behold. Fields full of lush greenery paint a picture of paradise to the ordinary eye. However, if you take a closer look, there is a sadness to this heavenly landscape.

Apurbo and Borsa are two children who live on the tea plantations. Their parents put in long back-breaking hours on the farms and can only dream of a better life for their children. YOU can help give 223 tea farmers’ children a quality Catholic education that will change their lives. The time has come to empower these hard-working families who desperately need our aid.

Are you able to contribute $67.12 to send one student to school?

Apurbo and Borsa are two children who live on the tea plantations.

Apurbo’s parents are day laborers at one of the tea plantations in Bangladesh. They work in the fields in grueling conditions and barely have time for their family. Their combined salary is 120 takas per day which equals about $1.40 in the United States. Apurbo’s family resides in a mud hut on land they do not own and struggle with food scarcity, inadequate drinking water, and non-existent healthcare. Despite this, Apurbo is eager for a brighter future. The 12-year-old dreams of becoming a priest and shepherding his community. His parents hope this dream becomes a reality one day, but they reluctantly understand that it is impossible without a solid education. Their only hope is that someone like you can change their child’s life destined to toiling in the tea fields to a life focused on learning and caring for others.

With the help of generous donors like YOU, we can provide an excellent Catholic education, school building, well-equipped teachers, educational materials, and food to the tea farmers’ children. We have the potential to save many lives, including young Borsa’s.

Apurbo and his family

Apurbo could be the first in his family to receive proper education, but his only hope is YOU.

Can you spare $268.48 to provide 4 students with books, school supplies, and uniforms for one year?

Apurbo and Borsa are two children who live on the tea plantations.

Without CWM’s efforts, Borsa would not be able to attend school and pursue her goal of becoming a Doctor for people living in the tea fields. A motivated student, she commits to her studies amid challenges. She has teachers who care about her academic performance and her family’s wellbeing. Along with a healthy school environment, she also gets to learn about our loving Creator and grow in fellowship with her peers. Borsa is truly grateful to earn an education as it opens the doors to many life-changing opportunities.

This year we are giving back to more dedicated and faithful children like Apurbo and Borsa! In 2020, you gave 125 students the incredible gift of an education.

Our goal for 2022 is to give 223 children the opportunity to attend a quality Catholic school. Your donation will relieve the heavy burden their parents carry as they work to provide a brighter future while toiling in the tea farms.

Borsa and her little brother

Borsa aspires to become a Doctor for the tea garden workers; are you able to make this dream come true?

Tea farmers' kids are committed to changing the course of their futures

The tea farmer’s children are excited to learn – help them break their families’ cycle of poverty.

Apurbo, Borsa, and many other pupils are committed to changing the course of their futures. The time has come for us to help them achieve these goals and spread God’s love through despair. As they strive to pursue careers that will give back to their community, let us give back by giving them the opportunity of a lifetime.

A donation of $536.96 can change the lives of 8 students. Are you able to make that commitment?


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