Fr Daniel Brandenburg Chairman

Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, LC


“Since joining the Board in 2017, my dream and mission has come even more clearly to fruition, of bringing Christ’s love to those most in need around the world. The beautiful work of CWM is making a significant impact.”

Deacon Rick Medina

Executive Director

“My passion and life’s work are evangelization and serving the poor. It is a blessing and a privilege to lead the organization to empower the poor and spread the Gospel wherever the Holy Spirit leads us.”

Kathie Methfessel


“My prayers are that I will trust God to help me facilitate and enhance Catholic World Mission’s beautiful endeavor of spreading the hope and joy of the gospel to those in need, and seeking those who are inspired to do so.”

Jeff Hodges, Treasurer of Catholic World Mission

Jeff Hodges


“My favorite pillar of CWM is Evangelization. Finding and accepting Christ’s love is a gift that gives eternally, so bringing that gift to as many people as possible throughout the world is truly walking the apostolic walk that Jesus calls us to walk.”

Evelyn Auth

Using the gifts I have been given to serve others is an important way to fulfill God’s will for my life. CWM helps people in need in many parts of the world. Importantly, its evangelical mission projects address both material and spiritual needs. By focusing on both, CWM lifts people up, reminds them of God’s merciful, enduring love, and brings them closer to the Faith. I feel privileged to serve this mission!

Dr. Oscar Tanaka Board of Directors headshot

Dr. Oscar Tanaka

“I am truly inspired by the way the numerous CWM projects bring aid and hope to so many of our brothers and sisters around the world who are in great need. Being a witness to how people respond to Christ’s call with such generosity and live the Corporal Acts of Mercy is one of best things about serving on this Board.”

Nick Donnelly

“I love how Catholic World Mission supports some of the most vulnerable communities by promoting hands-on experience for people to serve the poor, Eucharistic Adoration, and vocations to the priesthood by supporting seminarians.”

Father John Klein Board of Directors

Fr. John Klein, LC

“Highlights of my time with Catholic World Mission have been the chance to spend time in Guatemala helping roof the houses of two poor couples, and spending time with young students at the Mano Amiga School in Guatemala for the underprivileged.”

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