Help Finish Building a School in Cameroon!

Since 2016, YOU have faithfully supported our efforts in helping Nkar in Cameroon have a fully functional Catholic primary school. The village is brimming with excitement as St. Mary’s Primary School is almost ready to open its doors, but we need YOUR help to bring it to the finish line!

Catholic World Mission has worked closely with the Diocese of Kumbo to give the children of Nkar and surrounding areas the chance to receive a life-changing Catholic education. St. Mary’s Primary School has positively affected the lives of many and has even produced a bishop, more than 20 priests, and more than 50 sisters. While this school continues to prove that it is a truly remarkable place, the building is dilapidated and on the verge of collapse. Desiring to give these students a safe and healthy learning environment, YOU helped us begin renovations on the school building more than five years ago. Due to a civil war that erupted in Cameroon, the construction of the building halted. However, thanks to the tremendous generosity of supporters like YOU, we were able to help resume progress on the school last year!

“The joyful progress of the construction work can only be attributed to the grace of God, which, working infinitely in us, can do more than we can ever expect.” – Father Eugen, Coordinator of Projects for the Diocese of Kumbo

Currently, the base floor is finished and the walls are under construction. The children of the village are eagerly watching the school come to life and cannot wait to get into their new classrooms!

St. Mary’s Primary School is the only primary school in Nkar and has produced a bishop, more than 20 priests, and over 50 nuns.

This school has the potential to be a beacon of hope and continue to be a place of academic and moral excellence.

“I’m very grateful for [Catholic World Mission’s] support and I thank them so much and I wish them well…certainly God is going to bless their sources  and we always remember them in our prayers because they have been a very serious support behind us to ensure this project succeeds” – Monsignor Oliver, Diocese of Kumbo

We are dedicated to raising every dollar needed to complete this project. Your donation will go towards installing plumbing and electricity, plastering the walls, fitting the doors and windows, and more! Most importantly, your support will give the children of Nkar and surrounding areas the amazing opportunity to learn and grow in a spiritually healthy academic environment. When the school is complete, it will contain 13 classrooms to educate up to 520 children each year. In the meantime, the project will result in creating more jobs, which will improve the local economy.

$50 gives a child the chance to learn about the faith and earn an education. Are you able to help?

Today, St. Mary’s stands as a beacon of hope and a symbol of moral and educational excellence. Please open your heart to God’s grace and the movement of the Holy Spirit. Help children take their first steps out of poverty and into brighter futures.

The children are thrilled to be going to a school, “…like the schools in America with toilets, TVs, water and electricity.” Along with getting to carry, “…a canteen too, with books, pencils, colors, and biscuits!”

Every dollar counts! Donate now!