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A Life-Changing Christmas for Cameroon-Your Donation Doubles!

The Advent season is a time of preparing for Jesus, and with that is opening our hearts for the giving season. This Christmas, give the gift of Catholic education to a village that has faced harsh and heartbreaking trials and circumstances yet has never lost hope. By doing so you get to participate in Mike’s Challenge as your donation will double so we can bless Nkar even more!  This act of kindness may be the most life-changing – and maybe the best – gift you give anyone this Christmas.

This Christmas, you can give others a gift that will change the lives of an entire village in Cameroon. Fr. Eugen and the Nkar community faithfully accept the calling of being the hands and feet of Christ – even during difficult times. Cameroon has suffered a civil war, the Covid-19 pandemic, and other disruptions which have caused schools to be shut down. These challenges have also delayed CWM in building a new Catholic school for Nkar which has become a beacon of hope for the village.

With your help, CWM is ready to build the new Saint Mary’s Primary School! The land and foundation are set and CWM has a generous matching commitment from Mike Drapeau; a truly humble servant of God.
St Mary's School founded in1960

Built in the 1960s and crumbling, 250 children attend Saint Mary’s Primary School where both Priests and Sisters have found their spiritual calling. The parents in Nkar are so desperate for their children to earn an education that they send them to St. Mary’s despite the dilapidated conditions of the building. Every time people pass by the location where the new school building will be there is excitement and hope in the air. The children speak with enthusiasm about how they will be able to attend a school that is similar in fashion to the ones in America with two-floor levels, indoor restrooms, running water, electricity, and televisions. The new school building has also brought encouragement to even the youngest of children.

About Mike Drapeau

In 2016, Mike Drapeau felt God calling him to go on an overseas mission trip to Nkar and reach out to the poorest of the poor. Since that first mission trip, Mike has fallen in love with the people of Nkar, especially the precious children. He wants nothing more than to build a safe school for these children where they can earn a Catholic education and learn just how much Jesus loves them. Saying “yes” to this mission trip changed his life and he wants to change theirs by helping build this school.

Cameroon_School_Fr Elvis_Mike Drapeau_Fr. Eugen

Three-year-old Moasuiyi Sinwa always had problems with communication until she walked by the new location of Saint Mary’s Primary School. Pointing out the space, her mother explained that it would be a big school for children like her, but only for students who can speak. As soon as they reached home, Moasuiyi was inspired to tell everyone that she would be able to attend the new Saint Mary’s Primary School – because she can talk!

Moasuiyi and many children like her anticipate the day they can walk through the doors of the new school. This is why Mike, Fr. Eugen, and CWM want to make this educational environment a reality for the village of Nkar. Fr. Eugen and Mike see the potential in the children and want to give them the gift of Catholic education in a brand new and safe learning atmosphere. The villagers have already given land for the school to be built on as they desire the same dream for their children.

Three-year-old Moasuiyi would be able to attend the new Saint Mary’s Primary SchoolSinwa

Once a shy girl, Moasuiyi Sinwa now cannot stop talking about how she will be able to attend the new Saint Mary’s Primary School!

The new school will be similar to the ones in America with multiple floor levels and amenities we may take for granted such as indoor restrooms and electricity.

The land and foundation for the school are ready; are you ready to change the lives of many amazing children in Nkar?

The school building will provide 24 rooms for students and administration. 500 students will be welcomed into Saint Mary’s Primary School! That’s double the number of students served! You can give hope to these children who have been patiently waiting six years for a new school!

When you give $50 it matches $100, $100 to $200, $250 to $500, and so forth.

Will you give a gift that doubles?

Our goal is to raise $100,000 and to complete the new Saint Mary’s Primary School within one year. Mike’s Challenge Grant promises to match $1 for $1, for every gift Catholic World Mission raises from supporters like you – for a total of up to $200,000! We at Catholic World Mission are also praying for a miracle; that our loyal supporters will step up in a big way and increase their giving to take advantage of this incredible matching gift opportunity. You’ll be an instrument in God’s hand-helping to build a Catholic school in a village that has faced devastating circumstances yet has never lost hope.

 “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

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