Building St. Joseph’s Way

Be A Part Of The Journey

This March, help build the way and embark on a spiritual pilgrimage inspired by St. Joseph, the Camino San José (St. Joseph Way).

Sponsored by “Inmobiliaria San José” and led by our Catholic World Mission Chairman, Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, the Camino San José is a 26km journey through the Coahuila desert in Northern Mexico, near the town of Cuatro Ciénegas. The pilgrimage consists of 14 stations devoted to a particular time in St. Joseph’s journey over 2000 years ago.
By supporting the pilgrimage or sponsoring a station, you will transform the surrounding community both materially and spiritually. Once completed, the walk will be a permanent and sacred experience for pilgrims from all walks of life to be inspired by the faithful example of St. Joseph. Be a part of this opportunity to deepen your faith and ponder the wonders of our spiritual father, St. Joseph.


Walk the camino and pray alongside St. Joseph and ponder his journey with Mary and Jesus, as they did through the desert more than 2000 years ago.


Sponsor a resting place and shelter from the desert sun as the faithful from around the world gather to be inspired by St. Joseph’s Way.

A Pilgrimage through St. Joseph’s life in Faith

Join Father Daniel as he guides you through St. Joseph’s life in Cuatro Ciénegas, (March 12-19, 2023). Embark on an extraordinary mission that will nourish your soul and enrich your spiritual walk with God.

Fr. Daniel Brandenburg

Fr. Daniel was ordained a priest with the Legionaries of Christ on December 22, 2007. He currently serves as chaplain of the Lumen Institute chapter, chaplain of Regnum Christi men in Atlanta, GA, and the chairman of the board of directors for Catholic World Mission. He holds summa cum laude licentiate degrees in philosophy and theology from the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome, Italy. He is currently a doctoral student at Creighton University’s Interdisciplinary Leadership Program.

Fr. Daniel is the author of four published books: The New Fundamentalists (2007), Better with God? (2012), Until Christ be Formed in You (2017) and Journey to Joy: Reflections on the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary (2019).

In 2016, Fr. Daniel survived a heart attack and in 2018 was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer. The experience of suffering and brushes with death has colored his outlook on life. He strives to live each day as a gift from God.

Who can make the Pilgrimage?

Camino San José welcomes every soul of good will who desires to embark on this spiritual encounter with St. Joseph, and live a deep spiritual transformation. The walk features several guided stations each day and provides ample time to ponder St. Joseph’s Way.

What is the pace like?

For those needing additional time to walk– the group is flexible so you may walk slow or even skip a station. There is always a vehicle available to help accommodate those who may need assistance.

Why should I walk Camino San José?

It is an inviting opportunity for every pilgrim to meditate freely on the fatherly figure of St. Joseph; whether meditating on his joys and sorrows, reflecting on his wonders as spiritual father, being grateful for his role as guardian of the Child Jesus and Mary, or by simply remembering his virtues. Once you´ve travelled Camino San José, you will return renewed, as the Sacred Family was renewed on the way to Galilee.

What else is there to do?

Experience firsthand as a volunteer the work of ministries dedicated to the transformation of the lives of the people of Cuatro Ciénegas. Admire the beauty and majesty of the valley amidst a natural preserve and dotted with magnificent pools originated more than 3.5 billion years ago. Enjoy kayaking, biking, camping, trekking and a variety of experiences from wine tasting to star gazing.

What will we eat?

Taste delicious Mexican food, which is part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of the World.

How do I begin my journey?

For more information or to book accommodations click here

Camino San José welcomes every soul of good will who desires to embark in this spiritual encounter with St. Joseph

The Pilgrimage consists of 14 stations devoted to a specific moment in St. Joseph´s journey through the desert.

Camino San José welcomes every soul of good will who desires to embark in this spiritual encounter with St. Joseph

Camino San José is a 26 km way that can be travelled by foot, bicycle, donkey or on horseback. It can be done partially or completely.

Camino San Jose in Cuatro Cienegas Mexico, Maria Elena Hotel

Local hotels welcomes you.

Camino de San Jose a transformational experience for pilgrims from all around the world

Enjoy kayaking, biking, camping, trekking and a variety of experiences in Cuatro Ciénegas.

Camino San José welcomes every soul of good will who desires to embark in this spiritual encounter with St. Joseph

Admire the beauty and majesty of the valley amidst a natural preserve.

Camino San José México Pilgrimage s1

Station 1: Righteous Jew

Place: Saint Joseph’s Parish

Description: At Saint Joseph’s Parish in the downtown of Cuatro Cienegas, we’ll be able to visit our Lord and with the intercession of Saint Joseph begin our Journey. Reflect on the Sleepy Saint Joseph statue, where every pilgrim will be able to entrust their intentions for the journey under the protection and guidance of Saint Joseph.

Camino San José México Pilgrimage s2

Station 2: Betrothal

Place: Sacred Family Church

Description: On the main streets of Cuatro Cienegas, we find the Sacred Family Church, where we will reflect on the call for Saint Joseph as a guardian of the Sacred Family. The gardens of this church will have a serene environment to meditate on the moment.

Camino San José México Pilgrimage s3

Station 3: Life's Surprises

Place: Saint John Paul II Church

Description: At Saint John Paul II church we will continue our reflection on Saint Joseph’s call and how surprises happened in his life. We will have Eucharistic adoration with an opportunity to renew our yes to God.

Camino San José México Pilgrimage s4

Station 4: Home Builder

Place: Desert of Cuatro Cienegas

Description:This is the first station in the desert of Cuatro Cienegas surrounded by trees and nature. Ponder the different statues of Saint Joseph and reflect on specific moments in his life.


Station 5: Bethlehem

Place: Hermitage

Description: The main goal of  Saint Joseph’s Way is to have a real and deep encounter with Jesus through Saint Joseph. Jesus in the Eucharist will accompany us on our journey.

Camino San José México Pilgrimage s6

Station 6: The Lowly

Place: Palm Grove

Description: In the middle of the desert we find a natural palm grove that is an expression of God’s creation.

Camino San José station 7

Station 7: The Mighty

Place: The Bridge

Description: We have an incredible opportunity to renew our baptismal vows and our own path with God at this natural water canal.

Station 8: Predictions

Place: Stromatolites River

Description: This river had been dry for more than 15 years, and now water flows through it with the hope of rebirth. Reflect on how our daily works are done in the name of the Lord and how they strengthen the fruits of our faith.

Camino San José station 9

Station 9: Protector

Sponsored by Catholic World Mission

Place: Las Playitas

Description: Find peace at the large ponds of Cuatro Cienegas. Reflect on how Saint Joseph’s protection to the Holy Family is also for us.

Camino San José México Pilgrimage s10

Station 10: Immigrant in Egypt

Place: Desert of Cuatro Cienegas

Description: We will have a station to rest and reflect on the path that the Holy Family followed to Egypt and the obedience that they displayed during this difficult time.

Camino San José México Pilgrimage s11

Station 11: Returning Failure

Place: Salt Place

Description: We will continue to reflect on the difficult journey that Saint Joseph and the Holy Family took. We will visit a river that stays dry most of the year yet fills with water during a few miraculous moments over the course of the year.

Camino San José México Pilgrimage s12

Station 12: Pilgrimage

Place: Water Canal

Description: At a natural water canal in the desert we reflect on our own and personal call to pilgrimage and how it affects us in this very moment and for the rest of our lives.

Camino San José station 13

Station 13: Ending the Journey

Place: Saint Joseph’s Workshop

Description: To prepare for the end of our Journey we reflect on the daily work of Saint Joseph, at this station that is dedicated to his workshop.

Camino San José station 14

Station 14: Legacy

Place: Hermitage Esplanade

Description: At the border of the Hermitage, there will be a large esplanade for us to gather and reflect on the end of our journey.

Interested in sponsoring a whole station individually or as a group? Please contact Amber DeMartino or  770-828-4966, to confirm which stations are currently available. Commemorative plaque included.

Unable to join the upcoming Camino San José pilgrimage? Your support, of any amount, will help build a permanent, sacred journey and aid the surrounding community both physically and spiritually. Donate now and build a transformational experience for generations to come.

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