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December 15, 2016

Annual Fund Drive 2017

Give NowYour Generosity Has Touched Millions of Lives!

 1,448,371. That is the number of people you supported in 2015 alone. In 2016 you have helped power more than 46 projects in 20 countries and helped even more people globally! Since our mission was founded in 1998, we have supported communities in over 30 countries because of donors like you. Your selflessness enables us to serve communities, and be the hands, feet, and eyes of Christ on Earth.

Children learn in a classroom in Kenya

Your support is traveling quickly around the world, spreading the example, hope, and love of Christ. People as far as Fiji and as close to home as New York are hearing about your generosity! However, for every project we support there are 10 more requests waiting for support!

It is hard to communicate the gratitude we have for you and your zeal for God's children. You have done so much good in the world and, to be honest, it is badly needed! Our hearts break for the little girls in India who are eating their meals in the dirt, the families in Ecuador who still don’t have a safe place to live after the earthquake, and all the children in Ghana who are retrieving dirty water to drink and bathe in. But your generosity, your kind heartedness and love for those we help, gives us hope!


Karad Community Center Dudhani Children enjoying a meal Jeep for Vulugnav

A Christmas meal year after year, a jeep, dining hall for the children, eight Community Centers completed… “It has all happened due to you, our unseen angels from the CWM. It is just amazing how much love can do in a short while. It changes everything. Thanks to you, our world has become brighter. We have a spring in our feet, even if the hard stones hurt, because we know that there are people like you backing us to the hilt, trusting us in the work we do.”

- Fr. Sebastiao Mascarenhas, sfx


Mother retrieving water from the well in Ghana Ghanaian Child Mother with Child in Ghana

“My children were always tired, they felt sick, they could not concentrate in school. I am lucky to have a little business in town, but often I could not open until late because I spent many hours of the day in search of water. Now with this water system we can get water anytime… it is a miracle for us! I thank all those who help Catholic World Mission who brought clean water to my family. I pray that other communities will benefit from more wells.”

- Mamme Yaa Adutwiwaa

United States

 Colter Brown 

“Experiencing God radically changed my life, through CSU I have strengthened my faith beyond what I ever thought it could be. I am so thankful for the Catholic Student Union, and I pray for other students to experience God as I have through this wonderful ministry.”

- Colter Brown

A wide eyed child happy to learn. Children in a classroom in India Children from the Queen of Peace orphanage in the Philippines

Just a few faces of the many people you’ve helped around the world! (From left to right: Mano Amiga Colombia, India, Philippines)

Checking the blood pressure of someone in Nigeria

Renew Your Impact!

To continue doing this work we need your renewed support for 2017. This past year your selflessness aided 46 projects – let’s make it a goal to help even more in the coming year. Luke 12:48 tells us that, "To whom much is given, much is required." We are all so blessed to live in the United States, it is hard to even think about the tiny children who live in crumbling shacks around the world, those who go to sleep praying they will be able to have one meal this week, and the people around the world who are suffering and dying from diseases that could be cured with antibiotics that cost less than $1! Compared to most of the world, we have been given an incredible amount of blessings and opportunities that we receive because of the simple fact that we live here, instead of there. St. Luke calls us to give generously to our brothers and sisters who have nothing compared to us.

You have already shown your kindness and generosity through your giving. This is why we are appealing to you again to renew your giving in our 2017 Annual Fund Drive. 92 cents of every dollar you give goes directly to programs that support the poorest of the poor! You can allow God to move throughout communities across the world for the whole year by renewing your commitment to serve the poor today. This Annual Fund Drive will set the bar for what we can accomplish together in this new year to make the world a better place for all of God’s children, whom He loves.

FSU Catholic College student in prayer Mothers from Magadan, Russia being helped. Missionary of the Poor helping an elderly person in Haiti

Just a few faces of the many people you’ve helped around the world! (From left to right: United States, Russia, Haiti)

These are just a few examples of the life-changing projects made possible by your generous support of our Annual Fund Drive.

People in Thambipuram praying - IndiaFor example:

  • 10,000 people in Nkar, Cameroon now have access to clean water
  • 50 more orphans in Kenya were welcomed into an orphanage under the Missionaries of the Poor brothers’ care
  • In Thambipuram, India, 90 families of “untouchable” people found their worth as dignified children of God and now have a church building to be their spiritual home
  • 52 scholarships were provided for severely impoverished children and they are receiving a life-changing education, daily meals, and the spiritual support they need to thrive throughout our Mano Amiga schools in South America and the Philippines
  • In Ecuador, you jumped to your feet to alleviate the suffering of earthquake victims needing spiritual and psychological first-aid
  • 7,500 people in Costa Rica now have a Mission Center to learn the sacraments
  • 200 lay people in Cuba are learning catechetics and the message of the Gospel to share with their fellow parishioners
  • In Ghana, 40 children on a remote island now have desks at their school
  •  2,209 work books were passed out to young students in Nigeria on Children's day to celebrate learning
  • 25 severely impoverished families were supported with baby formula, clothing, and food in Magadan, Russia
  • In Brazil, 35 students studying in Mão Amiga Brazil received scholarships to continue their education thanks to your support
  • In DR Congo, a proper and secure orphanage is being constructed for 22 children, and the sisters that care for them

Your support has been unbelievable over the years. We know it is thanks to you that the Kingdom of God is growing around the world. Your generous hearts have opened the doors to ignite the Holy Spirit in communities, families, and in little children. Without you, none of this would be possible! All the locations on the map are areas you've supported in Catholic World Mission's history!

Map of missions around the world

"Thank You" From Around the World

92 cents of every dollar you give goes directly to programs that support the poorest of the poor! And to show you just how far your dollar has gone this year, we have compiled a video of some of the over 46 communities you have helped this year. Please watch the heartwarming thanks from those you have helped, and see the ways that you have transformed their lives, and the lives of generations to come! Today, we invite you to renew your commitment to Catholic World Mission, and these desperately impoverished children and families, in 2017 with a generous gift today!

Renew your impact to support the poorest of the poor today!

Give Now

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