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Back to School! 2015

July 24, 2015

Mano Amiga Back to School!

Give NowCatholic World Mission is proud to support the efforts of Mano Amiga schools around the world. Currently, there are 38 schools in the Mano Amiga system. Mano Amiga serves over 21,000 students living in poor urban communities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, the Philippines, and Venezuela. Mano Amiga gives parents the opportunity for their children to receive faith-based education despite the gangs and violence in their communities.


We need your help getting the Mano Amiga schools ready for the 2015 - 2016 school year! The schools have many needs before the start of each school year. Some needs have not been addressed for years, and more often the needs are inevitable: desks and chairs have broken from wear, air conditioners will break down, and in unfortunate cases there is vandalism. We know with your help the students will have another successful year of learning in safe and enriching environments.

In Mano Amiga Philippines, the students are working in classrooms where the AC broke. The temperatures quickly rise in the classrooms from 80 degrees in the morning to over 110 in the afternoon. The children get headaches and have trouble concentrating. Their grades are suffering, and no one is happy to go to school...

For the past two years, Mano Amiga El Salvador has not been able to host after-school activities for the students because the external lights broke. They have also not been able to host parent school without the lights. After it gets dark it becomes a new environment full of danger and vandalism...

Mano Amiga TuxtlaMano AmigaMano AmigaMano amiga Students

Lights and air conditioner repairs are just two of the many needs Mano Amiga schools have this coming year. Children deserve a safe environment to work in, and not our second best. The schools want to welcome the students in with the assurance that they will be able to grow in safe environments where they will be enriched mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Over 13 schools wrote to us asking for help. They ask for...

Mano Amiga Venezuela
  • Air conditioning units and ceiling fans to help the children learn despite the sweltering heat.
  • Desks for students and teachers with a place to hold textbooks.
  • Chairs for the students and teachers. Too many have broken over the years and students have gotten hurt from sharp edges.
  • A perimeter fence to keep vandals and gangs off the property.
  • Chalkboards for teachers to teach the class effectively.
  • A water pump to provide water for the whole school to stay hydrated in the heat.

With your continued support Mano Amiga will have another amazing year, children will learn in safe environments while receiving quality education.

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Will you help make vital repairs and provide essential supplies in time for the new school year today?

Give Now.

or call 770-828-4966

Read the full campaign here.