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Christmas Miracle 2016

October 31, 2016

Be a Christmas Miracle in India today.

Give NowLast year we were blessed with the opportunity to give 2,342 poor children a special Christmas miracle! Because of your generosity, that simple meal of chicken and apples was not the only thing they received that Christmas. They also received the funds necessary to purchase a jeep that so profoundly impacted the village of Khanwel and enabled Fr. Seby to give the children the food and medicine they need, as well as the ability to take the children to medical professionals in the case of an emergency. You are a Christmas miracle for these children.

This year we are blessed with this same opportunity to make a vital impact in even more children’s lives! The village of Dudhani has a great need for a jeep and there are even more children who are looking forward to having a special Christmas meal. You can be their Christmas miracle today by offering a simple gift that would make their Christmas day unforgettable and even beyond that, you could directly impact the girls’ daily lives through the construction of a dining hall.

Girls bringing food over from the boy's dining hall - India A Christmas Meal is a Christmas Miracle

The children of this mission usually only eat simple meals of rice and watered down peas. With your kindness we have the ability to help children understand the gift of the child Jesus again this year by providing a special Christmas dinner of chicken and apples. Chicken and apples may not seem like a Christmas celebration to us, but to these children it means the world and they look forward to this exceptional treat all year long. Each year we have grown in our ability to help more and more children – and this year is no different! We have been asked by other community and school leaders to include their kids in our special Christmas giving. Through a gift of just $5 you can buy a meal of chicken and apples and a small gift for a child to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Christmas celebration in 2015:

Christmas Miracle - Duhani, India 2015 Christmas Miracle - Khanwel, India 2015

Give now to let 2,827 children experience Christ this Christmas!

Rough Terrain in IndiaMake Healthcare and the Sacraments Accessible in Dudhani

We want to go a step further and help the children year round. Transportation is a luxury that we often don’t think about. But imagine a small child unable to access vital care because there is no way to get them the essential medicine they need. Imagine a child suffering, but the medicine needed to ease that suffering is sitting on a shelf just miles away across unpaved roads (pictured). Dudhani is located in a hilly area without paved roadways making the walk to and from difficult and time consuming. This is what Fr. Tony has to handle only too often when a child has fallen sick. He shared his hope with Catholic World Mission that we could provide reliable transportation for his community of 750 families and 312 children. They need us! Without this jeep there is no guarantee these families could get the help they need. $12,615 will purchase a reliable jeep for Fr. Tony and the children he cares for in Dudhani. This jeep will enable Fr. Tony to spread Christ’s message of hope and love across the remote areas of India; he will be empowered to bring the sacraments to those starving for the Eucharist and longing for reconciliation.

"There are too many times I have to stop and try and fix the jeep (pictured) before I can continue driving. The mechanics inside are failing. When there is nothing I can do, I pray. I pray this never happens when a little child urgently needs medicine. We are praying for a generous person to come forward and donate the funds we need to get a reliable jeep so we can better serve the children."

- Fr. Tony

Children from Dudhani with the old jeep - India Dudhani's rotted out Jeep - India Dudhani's rotted out jeep - India

Give now to make healing and the sacraments accessible in Dudhani!

Girls carrying the food from the boy's dining hall - IndiaThese Little Girls Eat in the Dirt - But You Can Change That

In 2014 you surpassed our expectations and immediately responded to help build a dining hall for the boys in Dudhani. It is a multipurpose room, serving the school in countless ways, and they are so grateful. But Catholic World Mission has recently learned of an urgent need for a second dining hall just for the girls. Right now, the girls are sharing the dining hall at the boys’ school but it is far from their classes and, especially during the monsoon season, can be difficult to reach. With your special generosity this holiday season, we can build the girls’ their own multipurpose dining hall and enable them to focus even more sharply on their studies. A new dining hall for the girls will provide the infrastructure needed in the long-term to support and sustain the girls’ growth as Christians in the Church.

You can save these sweet girls from having to walk through storms to get even their simple lunch of rice and watered down peas. This special structure would serve as not only a dining hall, but also a gymnasium for them to get exercise AND a spectacular home economics classroom, teaching the girls key skills that will empower them throughout their lives. It will cost the missionaries $26,864 to build this dining hall, a price too high when they have 312 little children to feed every day. Fr. Tony wishes he could build the dining hall today because it would mean the mission could open their doors to more girls not currently enrolled in school. A gift today from you will pour out blessings on the community in Dudhani. We were surprised to hear Fr. Tony share how the little girls would run from the school to the dining hall - even during the monsoons - to get their meal; leaving them drenched and covered in mud for the rest of the day.

Girls carrying food to their dorms. Girls carrying food to their dorms. Girls carrying food to their domr - India

Give the gift of a safe structure for the little girls in Dudhani today.

You can see the needs for the Mission are plenty. We only hope that with your generosity the children will be blessed tri-fold this Christmas with the gift of food, mobility, and shelter. The gift of food to fill over 2,800 children’s bellies. The gift of a jeep to make medicine accessible to the poor. And the gift of a dining hall to provide safety and dignity to 112 young girls. Please give a Christmas gift today to help the children grow up knowing they are loved and valued.

Donate to give the gift of a Christmas Miracle to some the neediest children today.

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