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March 13, 2017

Give Now School of Faith Calls for Help in Cuba!

Catholic World Mission is pleased to expand our Evangelization pillar to Cuba!  Many faithful Catholics have been practicing their faith underground for so long. Without the presence of Christianity, other religious sects have rapidly moved in and the number of faithful Catholics has diminished. At the request of several Catholic bishops, authentically Catholic lay people, who have been trained to evangelize, have come from Mexico and other parts of the country to rekindle the Catholic faith in Cuba!  Similar to our ETC’s (Evangelizadores del Tiempo Completo), who have been spreading the faith in different areas of South and Latin America, these lay people from the School of Faith in Cuba will also be spreading the message of the Gospel! There are not enough priests to catechize and train lay people alone! Nor can anyone afford the resources to learn their Catholic faith. This revolution of the Holy Spirit that started in three Catholic dioceses in Cuba is now expanding to the Catholic Diocese of Havana!

You can be part of this historic initiative in Cuba, today! Cuba has opened its doors to the faith, and has allowed the first Catholic Church to be constructed on its soil since the Revolution. Today you can join a new revolution of the Holy Spirit by supporting the School of Faith on the island. In Havana, Cuba over 100 lay people are ready to join the program, but have no way to pay for the classes! The School of Faith’s two-year program trains lay people through 120 classes on topics such as Apologetics, the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the liturgy just to name a few. Join us at Catholic World Mission in this incredible opportunity to ignite the Spirit in Cuba by spreading the faith and evangelizing thousands of people today.

You can join the movement now to rekindle the faith in Cuba once again.

School of Faith teacher School of Faith - Cuba School of Faith - Cuba

The School of Faith

The local laity of Havana, Cuba are rising out of the ashes of a lost faith, igniting the Holy Spirit as it was when the Holy Spirit fell on the disciples in the Upper Room during Pentecost. Likewise, when the disciples went out to spread the Gospel, the faith spread like wildfire changing the world. Cuba is now facing a historic moment, as the country is now open to outside trade. Already 115 lay people in Cuba have been trained to catechize through the two-year program with the School of the Faith in the Catholic Dioceses of Camagüey, Bayamo, and Guantanamo. The School of Faith is teaching laity through 120 classes where they become catechized evangelizers. These evangelizers are learning the Bible, Christology, Christian Ethics, Ecclesiology, the Sacraments, Theology, Mariology, apologetics, catechesis, the history of the Church, integral human development, liturgy, practicing catechesis, and understanding their life in Christ.

"With increased knowledge of the faith and the Word of God, we are strengthened to be better prepared to give training in our communities and in all the environments where we operate. We are able to give authentic testimony of God. Step by step, Cubans can recover the practice of the Catholic faith that was torn from us and overcome the spread of atheism that has existed for more than fifty years."

- N. H. Avila

Each newly catechized layperson takes their new knowledge with the goal of teaching 10-30 more people in their home parish. In two years’ time between 1,150 and 3,450 people will be equipped with the knowledge to share their Catholic faith in inspiring and engaging ways. Our goal, with your generosity, is to equip 120 more people to bring the School of Faith back to their home parishes! Then in two years’ time, there will be between 2,350 and 7,050 lay people carrying the fire and truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Cuba. Just imagine how many more people those 7,050 can evangelize, and how quickly the word of God will penetrate the heart of Cuba once again! The teachers coming out of the School of Faith program will be well versed in the Church’s teachings and will be able to defend the faith in Cuba.


What you can do to help

In Cuba, the School of Faith is calling for your help now! So many people in Havana, Cuba have already come forward to join the School of Faith program, but have no way to pay for the classes. Each class costs only $10 including the materials and the partial cost of having an evangelizer teacher. Two years of classes is $1,200, but their monthly wages on average are only $25, and renting a one-bedroom apartment costs $115 each month! While they desire to take the classes and learn the once persecuted faith, for the sake of the Gospel, they have no way to afford these life-changing classes.

  • $500 pays for 50 classes including materials and the cost of an evangelizer teacher.
  • $100 pays for the cost of an evangelizer teacher for one full month.
  • $25 pays for the cost of an evangelizer teacher for one week.
  • $10 pays for one class including materials and the partial cost of an evangelizer teacher.

School of Faith CUba School of Faith - Cuba School of Faith - Cuba

Giving the gift of faith this Easter is truly such an awakening experience for the people of Cuba. Not only will they know the miracle of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, but they will also be able to speak the truth of our shared faith with confidence of Christ’s message and love to their communities. Answer the evangelizers’ call for help in Cuba today!

Give now to empower more than 120 people in Cuba to spread Christ’s Gospel.

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