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January 31, 2017


Give NowBuilding with Hope - Matching Gift Challenge 

4,000 Christian families and their children in Enchi, Ghana do not currently have a church. This is because their beloved church was demolished earlier this year due to cracks compromising the structural integrity of the building. The villagers are working tirelessly to rebuild a church home, but they will be stopped in their tracks if they run out of funds. $200,000 more is needed, and up to $100,000 of that will be matched – will you come forward to give the children hope in time for them to celebrate Easter in their new church?

The blessing of a church, of a spiritual home, is one that many throughout the world do not have. This is true especially for the many children and families in Enchi, Ghana, who have recently had to give up their spiritual home because it was crumbling around them. Now, they are adrift and the growing Catholic community of Enchi has nowhere else to turn but to us, their brothers and sisters in Christ, for assistance.

Little girls - Ghana Monsignor Simon digging - Ghana Women carrying bricks on their heads - Ghana

A mother and her child - GhanaA Blessing Before Easter

These villagers work tirelessly, everyone pitching in their own time and talent, to build a new church building for all the families in the community; they want to finish before Easter. They constantly hold onto the hope that the young children and growing families that live there will be able to grow up with the opportunity that many of us have – the opportunity to receive the sacraments, worship, and gather together in their own home parish. Parish families are a blessing from Christ that help to support and sustain each other in times of need. The villagers understand this blessing and work hard to make it a reality for the children and whole community of Catholics in Enchi.

Catholic World Mission has been given the unique opportunity to partner with Ghana Friendship Project to help these people in their time of need. We have, through the great generosity of a benefactor, a matching gift challenge. From the time that their church was demolished earlier this year to now, the villagers have raised, along with the assistance of the Ghana Friendship Project, $150,000 on their own. They have come to us to raise the last $200,000 needed. We have been blessed with a donor willing to match gifts up to $100,000; half of the $200,000 needed! Meaning your gift today will be doubled and become twice the blessing!

$20 becomes $40, $50 becomes $100, and if we all give our best, the children of Enchi will have their home again soon.

  • $100 = funds all of the labor (25 skilled workers) on the church construction site for one full day
  • $32 pays for one worker for one week
  • $10 = one sack of cement
  • $25 = twenty-five concrete bricks made by hand on site
  • $50 = one church window installed from glazing to caulking
  • $10 buys one wheelbarrow

The frame of the new church - Ghana Young college students helping to build the church - Ghana Silhouette of the new church - Ghana

What You Can Do to Help

Enchi is a small village; only 15,000 people live there. 4,000 people – over 25% of the village! – are members of this church family. And this number continues to grow! Every year many new people come forward, exuberant to join the church. We want to be the reason why even more people can join the church in the coming years – because they will have a place to worship!

The miraculous growth of this community is inspiring, and we here at Catholic World Mission want to foster it. Join this movement of the Holy Spirit today. Support the children and families of our Catholic brothers and sisters around the world through your generosity. Every gift will automatically be doubled for a greater impact!

School children helping move dirt for the church after school - Ghana Place for the stain glass window School children helping build the church - Ghana

The joy of the villagers – even in the wake of this hardship – is infectious. And it is so inspiring the way that the whole community gathers and works for the common good. Even Monsignor Simon, who ministers to the needs of the whole village, also works alongside the villagers as they rebuild their church home.

“[A parish] is a community of communities, a sanctuary where the thirsty come to drink in the midst of their journey, and a center of constant missionary outreach.” – Pope Francis

Your gift today will give the children a spiritual home! Your best gift to the impoverished people of Enchi will ensure all their children and generations of children will grow up knowing the love of Christ Jesus. Give generously, as Christ has called us to do. Your gift today will DOUBLE in value to help the children and families in Enchi as they rebuild their church!

Give Now

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