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Gospel of Peace

January 6, 2015

The Gospel of Peace Initiative in Michoacan, Mexico

“The people of Michoacan, Mexico constantly live in fear. Michoacan suffers from the highest rate of homicide and kidnapping in all of Mexico. The children are bought and sold by traffickers while mothers are kidnapped and abused. Leaving the house at night means risking your life. Gangs and drug cartels doing the devil’s work are gaining power.” – Bishop Javier NavarroRead Bishop Navarros plea to Catholic World Mission here.

 It is no wonder then that they are fleeing to the United States boarder to escape persecution, and gain safety. But the route to flee is just as dangerous as staying home for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Bishop Javier Navarro does not want to stand idly by while his city comes to ruin.

“We have heroic priests and nuns fighting for our people, but it is not enough. We need more help, more foot soldiers for Christ. I have a plan, but I need your help at Catholic World Mission. Please.” - Bishop Navarro

Diocese Assembly Eucharistic Conference Bishop

Foot Soldiers for Christ

Bishop Navarro has met with the people of Michoacan who do not want their city to remain under the rule of the gangs and drug cartels. His plan is to promote the Gospel of Peace bringing peace and hope to men, women and children all across Mexico.

For the Gospel of Peace to prevail Bishop Navarro urgently needs funds for the formation of missionaries to spread the Gospel. The missionaries will be trained through the ETC program to be evangelizers, with the goal of keeping people in the area while creating a safe atmosphere. These missionaries will be sharing the news of Christ through their works, sheltering the homeless, feeding the forgotten, and educating and protecting the most vulnerable.

Already Bishop Navarro has had great interest in the Gospel of Peace. More than 100 people showed up at a Eucharistic Adoration event to pray for their city, and to learn more about being evangelizers to the people of Michoacan.


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Our Lady, Undoer of Knots Novena + Your Prayer Requests

With Bishop Navarro we at Catholic World Missions will be praying a novena for the intercession of Our Lady Undoer of Knots. Including you in Pope Francis’s favorite Marian devotion is our special thank you for your selfless support of our good works. With every prayer and every gift you send, you are “untying knots” – alleviating pain, hunger and sickness – in the lives of God’s children around the world. As you pray for the Gospel of Peace, our entire Catholic World Mission family will be praying to Mary, Our Mother to untie the knots in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Please submit your pray requests for our Novena here.

​From Mexico to India we are spreading the Gospel

Catholic World Mission is dedicated to spreading Christ’s message of love and peace around the world through education on the message of Christ and His church. Spreading the Gospel in word and action is the call of the Second Vatican Council. From India to Mexico and other parts of the world, CWM supports the Gospel of Peace through ‘Theological and Pastoral Formation of the Laity’.

"The children here are especially at risk. In record numbers, they fall away from our Catholic faith while lured into life on the streets – joining gangs, peddling drugs and committing other harmful and unlawful acts." - Bishop Navarro

Mexico is raising a generation of young people who have known only kidnappings, drugs and death:
Will You help alleviate the suffering of these children today by funding missionaries who bring hope to these boys and girls?

Or Call 1-800-961-8153

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