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Give a Chicken, Empower Women in India

September 7, 2018

Click here to give a woman in India everything she needs to start her own homestead poultry farm to generate income for herself and her family.According to the Indian Human Development Survey (IHDS), conducted by the University of Maryland and the National Council of Applied Economic Reasearch, 79% of women in India have to get permission to go to the grocery store or visit a doctor. Just 65% of women are literate, only 27% of Indian women are in the labor force, and only 5% of women have sole control in choosing their husband.

“We are totally neglected by all. Only you have recognized us as human beings in need of support. Only you have come forward to help us.” - Vinitha, 40

Vinitha, 40, with her children Sanil and SandraFor widows like Vinitha, life has even more challenges. Vinitha, 40, has two children: Sandra, 17, and Sanil, 13. Vinitha and her children live in a tiny rented two-room house. Because of her children’s education costs, it is very difficult for Vinitha to make ends meet. Even worse, Vinitha often falls ill and has no way to pay for medicine or doctor visits. Vinitha tells us, “We are totally neglected by all.”

Mary, 48, has only one source of income—her 22-year-old son, Roy. Roy works as a coolie, or unskilled day laborer. Some days he finds work and some days he doesn’t. When Roy was growing up, Mary couldn’t afford school costs, and Roy was forced to drop out, trapping him and his mother in a life of continued poverty.

Sadly, Vinitha, Mary, and Roy’s stories are not uncommon. But today, you can help 100 women and families take a giant step toward economic stability and self-sufficiency.

Recent flooding ravages Kerala

In August, torrential rains caused deadly flooding in Kerala, the very region we are committed to helping. We were deeply saddened by this news. Initial reports revealed that 800,000 people were displaced, and at least 350 people died in the floods. Pope Francis held a moment of silence in Vatican City on Sunday, August 19, 2018, for the victims of the disaster. We are committed to praying for the people of Kerala and doing everything we can to help them during this difficult time. Continue reading to learn how you can help today.

There is hope for women in Kerala, and YOU can bring it to life for themGive now to empower women in Kerala, India

We first brought you an opportunity to empower women in India last year, with a project unlike any we had ever done before. We asked you to give new hope to deserving women by giving them a goat.

This year, as we learn more and more about the uphill odds women in India face, we are committed to empowering even more women with another unique gift—chickens.Some of the chickens that YOU can give to women in India!

Our partners in India have a list of 100 more women in the area who have never before received aid from them. They will give each woman several chicks, a specially designed cage that allows for the sanitary collection of eggs and safe disposal of manure, and training and education so the women know how to properly care for and sustain their new chicken farms.

Vinitha and Mary know help is on the way. They’ve seen the success last year’s goat recipients have enjoyed, and they know you’ll respond with greater generosity this year. 

Vinitha told us, “It fills me with great hope at this time of our life. Only you have recognized us as human beings in need of support. Only you have come forward to help us. I am very happy and excited that the poultry project will soon commence in our place. I feel greatly relieved that I will soon be able to find good support for my family. We will treasure all the good gifts God is going to give us and begin to earn steady income.

Single women and widows like Mary and Vinitha know help is on the way, and they are so hopeful! Uniquely designed cages will allow the women to safely and cleanly harvest eggs and collect manure to sell to crop growers. When it comes to giving hope, chickens are small but mighty!

How much IS a chicken?

$124.$124 gives an incredible amount to the women you can empower in India

But that cost covers several chicks, a cage, and training sessions for every woman on our list.

Please, pray for Vinitha and Mary and the hundreds like them in India who are desperate for a new opportunity. Pray for the 100 women who will soon receive what they need to start a homestead poultry farm. Pray that God will respond to the cries of their hearts. And please, pray that many donors will hear this cry for help and respond generously.

You can be God's hands and feet to these women with the gift of a chicken today. Click the green button below to give now and be the reason Vinitha and Mary's prayers are answered.

Give now to give a chicken--and hope--to 100 women in Kerala today.

It's amazing what just $124 can do. Every single dollar given to this project will go directly toward building better lives for women who desperately need your help.

Even if $124 is a stretch for you, you can give $62--that's halfway to a full poultry homestead farm for a woman in desperate poverty.

Or if you can only give $31--that's a quarter of a way there for a better life for Mary, Vinitha, or 98 others like them. 

You and your friends can even team up and together, give a woman in Kerala the new opportunity she's waiting for.

You and your friends can team up to empower women in India and give poultry farms today!

Every dollar you give above the cost of a poultry farm will go toward flood relief efforts!

We are so committed to bringing aid to Kerala--both in the short-term aftermath of the August 2018 floods and in the long-term future--that every dollar you give over the cost of a poultry farm will go directly to the flood relief efforts! The people of Kerala desperately need your help. Please, pray for the survivors of this disaster, and for the souls of all those who lost their lives. Give now to help with flood relief in Kerala. Every dollar you give over $124 will help with flood relief efforts!

When a disaster like this hits a poor country, it has ripple effects that last for generations. Give today to not only help Kerala recover from devastating floods in the short-term, but also to lay a foundation of success for years to come when you give now. Together, we can help our brothers and sisters in Kerala rise out of poverty and build a better, more hopeful future for themselves. 

You changed the lives of 70 families with last year’s “Give a Goat” Initiative

Meet some of the women whose dignity you upheld last year:

 Mini, 38, can now support her mother and three children, all because you changed her life with a goat. ​ Women of all ages and from all backgrounds have been empowered thanks to your incredible generosity. Thank you for empowering women in India!

Fr. Alfred, the ministry's director tells us, “All the beneficiaries are extremely happy. The [goat] project has made a lasting impact on their lives. They are now able to earn their livelihood and find steady income to support their families. The economic burden on them has been much less. Your generosity has truly brought sunshine to their lives. They are ever so grateful to God for all the benefits received. The quality of their life will continue to improve and they will someday contribute to the society just as you contributed to their wellbeing and development. Your efforts will go a long way in paving the way for a sustainable development. Because of your generous help and constant support, the people are able to see a ray of hope for a brighter future.


Continue last year's legacy of hope with the gift of a poultry farm today



Give now to empower women in India, and give them and their children hope for a better future.Give now to empower women in India and give them and their children hope for a brighter future.


P.S.: We are waiting to hear from our partners regarding any flood relief aid we may be able to send, in addition to poultry farms. Stay tuned for the latest. And don't forget--every dollar you give over $124 will go directly to flood relief in Kerala!


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