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June 6, 2017

The Missionaries of the Poor Bring Free Service and Evangelization to Kenya!

What started for the Missionaries of the Poor brothers as an evangelistic mission to the slums of Kenya was quickly transformed into much, much more. When the brothers arrived and they saw the abject poverty the people were living in, they shifted gears to address the most pressing needs of the people – fundamental necessities like food. These brothers truly live up to their special added vow to the usual vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience – joyful free service to the poor!​

Mother and Her 3 Children Out on the Streets!

With a husband unable to support her and her children, Phoebe was determined not to give up for the sake of her three children. Thanks to the presence of the Missionaries of the Poor brothers, and their assistance in providing basic care and necessities for the children, at no cost, Phoebe was able to pursue her desire of bettering herself and her family by completing her education to be a teacher. Now Phoebe is teaching, while also an active member of her parish, participating in both the choir and Legion of Mary ministry. Her children are in school and one is even an altar boy – setting an example for his younger siblings.

This story of tragedy and hope was only made possible by your contributions to this worthy cause.


The Missionaries of the Poor Provide Medicine, Food, and the Sacraments to the Poor

In Kenya starvation is rampant, education is rare, preventable illnesses are flourishing, and the ability to receive the sacraments is limited. Almost half of the entire population is below the poverty line! This is where the Missionaries of the Poor brothers come in – right now they are serving over 275 children, families, and elderly. The brothers provide the most needed ministries to the most vulnerable people: the children and families who have been abandoned and abused, those who have physical and mental disabilities, and the elderly are all part of the community the brothers have dedicated their lives to.

Food prices in Kenya are so high that no matter how many hours parents work it is still never enough to provide sufficient food for their families. These moms and dads can’t do anything more as their hard work means nothing compared to the ever-climbing prices of basic staples. As our Holy Father Pope Francis has said, “When poverty strikes a family, the children prove the most vulnerable victims. Almost half of those living in absolute poverty today are children.”

These missionaries of Christ offer food to combat starvation and malnutrition, medicine to fight against the many illnesses like typhoid, malaria, cholera, and dysentery, while offering the most needed of ministries – offering our Lord’s message and love to the whole community through the sacraments, retreats, and catechesis. The brothers also offer support tragic times through their funeral ministries that include burials, faith comfort, and help with transportation. Once the people are fed both physically and spiritually the brothers are able to help the community make strides toward breaking the cycle of poverty through education and craft training.

“Many children are now going to school. Others learn how to do jobs and discover talents such as sewing and dressmaking…”


The Missionaries of the Poor Struggle to Care for Over 275 Children

There are many – over 275 – whom the brothers care for. But there are two in particular with such beautiful stories we here at Catholic World Mission want to share with you. One is the story of Chris, a young 16-year-old boy, who suffers daily from muscular dystrophy and body weakness. Chris has been with the brothers for three years. His mother has passed away, leaving he and his brother and two sisters under the care of their grandmother. Although Chris’s father is a laborer, he cannot make enough to support all four children and so he and their grandmother made the decision to lovingly give Chris the best care they could – by giving him to the brothers. Luckily, the brothers are only four kilometers away from Chris’s family, so his father is able to visit!

We also want to share with you the story of John. John is only ten years old but already has seen hardship. Though he is a healthy boy, his mother is physically disabled; making it impossible for her to give him the care that he needs, while his father is unfortunately out of the picture. A member of the same community as the brothers, they saw the needs of this small, broken family and generously offered to help. Because John’s mother loved him so much, she agreed to let him stay within the brother’s care to give him a better life than she could provide.   


How Will You Help the Missionaries?

It is only through your generosity that these brothers can answer their call to help the poor. They need kindhearted people like you to help support their mission to serve as many of our brothers and sisters in Christ as possible. The impact that the Missionaries of the Poor brothers have on the community they serve is tangible and long lasting. Through you, the brothers are able to enable parents to finish their education and support their families, with education and craft training the youth the brothers serve are empowered to work towards breaking the cycle of poverty forever. The whole community is constantly growing closer to Christ through the regular offering of Mass and opportunities for people of all ages to participate in the liturgy that is truly the heart of our faith. 

$56 Feeds a Child for 1 Month! Get Involved Today!

There will always be a hungry little boy or sick little girl outside these brothers’ doors. They need you! The missionary brothers are always desperately trying to help and feed as many people as possible – and our dollars go far towards that goal:

Only $56 feeds a child three daily meals for a full month.

$112 provides enough for the brothers to feed two children.

$240 is enough to feed an entire family of four, meals for a month.

These gifts – that don’t seem like much to us – will change the lives of those in Kenya. Malnutrition makes people of all ages vulnerable to terrible diseases – through supporting the brothers’ efforts to feed their community you are creating a ripple effect that makes everyone stronger – making them more resistant to disease and more capable of working towards an education and the end of the cycle of poverty.

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