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November 3, 2017

BSPS Fun Facts300 Kids in Jeopardy: New Roof Needed Immediately

300 students consider Broadrick Street Primary School (BSPS) a safe haven. In Nigeria’s poorest state, Enugu, most families live on less than $2 a day. BSPS students, ages 4-16, come to school every day, excited and ready to learn, even though some of them have no shoes and no food.

But Broadrick Street Primary School is in danger of closing.

The school urgently needs a new roof, or the building will be condemned and the school closed. It is crucial that the school stays open. Here's why:

  1. Most days, the only meal BSPS students get is at school. If Broadrick Street Primary School closes, 300 children will go hungry every day.
  2. BSPS employs dozens of adults. This is significant because Enugu is Nigeria's poorest state. Nationally, the unemployment rate in Nigeria continues to grow. (Read more about Nigeria's economy below.) 
  3. Besides the human impact BSPS has--the number of children fed and the number of adults employed--it also has a divine impact. Every day, the children are taught about Jesus and how much he loves them. If Broadrick Street Primary School closed, where else would these children learn about Jesus?

“This school needs help, and I am begging and pleading that you please help this poor school.” - Felicia Amanambu, Catholic World Mission partner

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Nigeria's Struggling Economy Makes Broadrick Street Primary School Vital to the Local Community

Nigeria, though rich in natural resources, has been in an economic recession for years. The slight economic growth that the country experienced in 2012, as a whole, never reached the average citizen because of corruption and problems with distribution. Nigeria also leads the world in the number of its children not in school—10.5 million Nigerian children are not in school.

The unemployment rate among adults is also high—in the last quarter of 2016, unemployment in Nigeria was at 14.2%, and has steadily climbed for the past nine quarters. Broadrick Street Primary School is vital to the survival of its students and all the teachers it employs.

Felicia stands with BSPS students outside the school. Notice the roof in the background. Broadrick Street Primary School, view of dilapidated roof BSPS - falling roof

A New Roof—Now#BroadricksNewRoof: Let's talk dollars. Project cost points

For years, the school has been patching the roof, trying to extend its life for as long as possible, until the funds to fix it can be found. This quick-fix method no longer works—the roof has become unstable and unsafe.

Felicia Amanambu, our partner and friend, told us how bad things have gotten:

When it rains, Felicia told us, teachers have to stop their lesson, corral their 35+ students into a sheltered corner, and huddle everyone together until the rain stops. If the students get wet in the rain, they have to sit in damp uniforms for the rest of the day.

A few times, small pieces of metal from the roof have fallen on a student. Thankfully, no one was ever hurt, but you can see from the video below how desperately needed these roof repairs are.

“This school needs help,” Felicia said, “and I am begging and pleading that you please help this poor school.”

You Can Easily Be Part of the Solution

Catholic World Mission always works to ensure that the generous gifts our donors send are used where the need is greatest. Thankfully, in countries like Nigeria, it doesn’t take much to make a big difference.

Give Now!To replace the roof of Broadrick Street Primary School, it will only cost $15,000: $1,875 for new wood beams and rafters; $160 for nails; $1,245 for ceiling boards; $8,660 for roofing sheets; $2,125 for labor; and $935 for logistics.

Think about that: if just 100 people give $150 each, we would have enough to replace this roof and ensure that 300 children can keep going to school. Any amount you can give will make an impact: $35, $70, $100, $150, or more. 

That’s the beauty of every project Catholic World Mission supports, and especially this one: it is easily achievable. When we all come together and give what we can, it’s easy to change the world for a deserving student in Nigeria.

(And an added benefit of this project is that not only will you help make sure the children have a safe school structure, you’ll also help provide employment for the laborers who will work on constructing the new roof.)

Thank You for Everything You Do

You have made it possible for us to help Broadrick Street Primary School twice before—once in 2015 to give the school a fresh coat of paint and new desks, and once in 2016 to give the students new workbooks and snacks to celebrate Nigeria’s National Children’s Day.

Our history with Broadrick Street Primary School

 BSPS before paint BSPS after paint Students are SO excited about the new desks you gave them!

Little ones trying out their new desks Desks provided by Catholic World Mission. BSPS had never had desks before! New Desks Up Close


You can watch a video below of the littlest students holding their snacks and brand new workbooks from Children's Day in 2016. They’re saying, “Thank you, Catholic World Mission! We are very happy! We love you!”

Please take a moment right now to pray for the students at Broadrick Street Primary School, their teachers, and Felicia.
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