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What if Every Child Could Go to School?

October 10, 2017

It all starts with one Mano Amiga scholarship for one child in one town.

A 2010 study estimated that globally, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty if all children left school with basic reading skills.

The sad reality is that not all children can afford to go to school, much less be guaranteed a shot at the opportunities they’d have if they could only read. 

Poverty and lack of education oftentimes go hand in hand. When a family is poor, they can't afford to send their children to school. When a child doesn't have access to education, they can never hope to get the jobs and opportunities that will allow them to live outside the trenches of poverty. It's a vicious cycle.

But Catholic World Mission, together with Mano Amiga schools throughout Latin America and the Philippines, want to change the outlook for the poorest families in the poorest neighborhoods. The question that fuels us is simple: what if every child could go to school?


How Catholic World Mission Supports Mano Amiga

Catholic World Mission's support of Mano Amiga is three-fold: we help maintain buildings, provide desks, computers, blackboards, and food for school lunches--this is the focus of our yearly Back to School Campaign. Catholic World Mission also helps fund brand new school buildings, like the new campus in the Philippines. The third way  we support students' learning is by supplementing and sponsoring student tuition--what we call the Mano Amiga Annual Fund Drive. You are vital to all aspects of our support of these precious schools.

Today is the first day of our 2017 Mano Amiga Annual Fund Drive, and we're asking you to consider something marvelous: sponsor or partially sponsor a child's tuition.

How You Can Help

All it takes for a child to go to school for one year is $800. That translates to: 

  • $15.50 per week 
  • $67 per month
  • $400 per semester

It doesn't take much to change a deserving child's entire future. Give today.

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The Poverty Picture1 in 5 lives in poverty

If every child could go to school, it would change the world. That's the world we want to live in. But poverty and education disparity pose big challenges to this dream:

  • In the Philippines, 1 in 5 people lives in poverty. 31.4% of those people are kids.
  • 130 million people in Latin America live in poverty. (That’s another 1 in 5.)
  • About 20 million youth aged 15-24 are "ninis," a slang term short for "ni estudian ni trabajando," meaning they are neither in school nor do they have a job.  (By the way, in  Brazil, only 41% of adults finished high school. In Mexico, just 35% of adults completed a high school education.)


The Mano Amiga Difference

The numbers speak for themselves: 90% of Mano Amiga students in Latin America graduate from high school. 95% of Mano Amiga students in the Philippines graduate from high school. Over and over again, students at Mano Amiga are overcoming the odds in their home countries.

Mano Amiga’s impact goes beyond quantifiable numbers and stats, too:

Mano Amiga's impact

There is no doubt that Mano Amiga helps students and families achieve more dreams, reach more goals, and give more back to their communities.

But there’s also no doubt that without your help, these students don’t have a chance.


95% of Mano Amiga students rely on scholarships. Without scholarships funded by our generous donors and friends, these children have zero access to education, and are at greater risk of staying stuck in poverty. Not only will they be unable to escape crushing poverty, but the odds are high that neither will their children, their grandchildren, or their great-grandchildren.


Can you imagine it? Generations of our brothers and sisters—God’s own beloved children—given the chance to have a brighter, safer, fuller future all because one child gets to go to a Mano Amiga school today.

90% of Mano Amiga students in Latin America graduate from high school 95% of Mano Amiga students in the Philippines graduate from high school

Give Today and Lay the Groundwork for a Child to Escape Chronic Poverty

When you give today, your donation will go directly to Mano Amiga students who are desperate to stay in school, and make it possible for countless other children not currently enrolled to receive a life-changing Catholic education.

The stakes are high, but there’s so much hope.

With your help, we can educate more kids and impact more families and change more communities. It all starts with one scholarship for one child in one town!

Please take a moment to pray for each Mano Amiga student and for the success of the 2017 Mano Amiga Annual Fund Drive.

Click the green button below to sponsor one child today.

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