through Action!

Despite the challenges that 2020 posed- the actions of our great CWM supporters helped power more than 52 projects across 38 countries in 2020!
Together we stopped suffering with food, water, shelter and Covid relief supplies by supporting priests, missionaries, evangelizers, and seminarians who are desperately needed to provide physical and spiritual nourishment to those who hunger most.

“I heard from so many desperate partners around the world. Their struggles have never been more amplified because of the pandemic. If only we could answer all their pleas for help. But we are not losing hope. We continue to rely on God and the generosity of faithful supporters. We never lose sight and are aware that our supporters are suffering as well. And yet, despite their own needs, they continue to do the best they could and still manage to help and make the sacrifices to help those in greater need and dire circumstances. And this brings us so much joy. And so I share with you one of the expressions of gratitude sent to us by Felicia, our partner in our Nigeria missions. I only wish you could hear her appreciation yourself. Thank you for your continued generosity. You remain in our prayers during this difficult time.”

Deacon Rick Medina

“I am so grateful.  With tears of joy. I abide by all you want me to.  I am too grateful, and over joyed, thank you all so much, this will go a very long way, and will change lives in this school.  I cannot describe how grateful and happy, as I am writing I am crying with tears of JOY.  I don’t know how to say thank you. Thank you is an understatement. I am extremely grateful. The rate of hunger and starvation in Nigeria especially among children is unbelievable, and with this funding it will go a long way. I don’t know how to say this. I am more than grateful. I notified the School, Headmistress and everybody, they was so much joy, appreciation, and dancing in the Community. It was emotional because nobody has ever LOVED THEM the way Catholic World Mission does.” 


Felicia with schoolchildren

Felicia Amanambu.

Many lives were changed because together we cared and took action!

Change in Uganda St. Philomena School children can gather to eat their meals together in a safe and clean environment.

Change in Mexico, Colombia, the Philippines and other countries worldwide, 37 Mano Amiga schools’ severely impoverished children are receiving a life-changing education, their daily bread, and the spiritual support they need to thrive!

Change in the Democratic Republic of Congo, abandoned boys and girls at the Ndekesha Orphanage are sheltered, fed, cared for, and hear the Gospel.

Change in the United States, Native American children and families living in the poorest mission diocese in this country received food and groceries.

Uganda St Philomena dining hall

Uganda. Help furnish the new dining hall to provide a safe place to eat.

DR Congo. Ndekesha Orphage is nourished by both food and the Gospel .

Mano Amiga Schools. Because of you, 37 schools received life-changing education! 

Diocese of Gallup new homes

Gallup, NM. Poorest Mission Diocese in the United States receives vital groceries.

Moving forward in 2021 – you can take action and continue to empower the poor and spread the gospel!

God is working through you in ways far greater than you can imagine. For every project listed, there are 10 more behind the scenes. For every changed-life story, there are thousands of others not told.
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empty stomachs and hungry hearts

Your generosity is making a long-term, sustainable impact in some of the poorest places in the world,by empowering the poor and spreading the gospel.

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