Building a church in Chile

Caring for the Poor in Chile

Chile was colonized by the Spanish in the 16th Century. Chilean independence was declared in 1810 and won in 1818. In the 1990s, Chilean government transitioned to a democratically elected republic. This brought great stability to Chile, which has continued to grow ever since. Chile is one of the most stable countries in South America. Chile faces some specific challenges, especially as its population continues to age. Most Chileans are Catholic (66.7%) or Christian (16.4%), while 11.5% claim no religious affiliation.

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Good Samaritan Sisters Run Hospital for the Poor

Healthcare sisters in Chile

The Congregation of the Good Samaritan Sisters (CGSS) was founded in Chile in 1978 by Mother Irene Garcia del Prado. CGSS is based on the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). The order serves in Chile, Spain, Colombia, and Mexico.

In Molina, Chile, the Congregation of the Good Samaritan Sisters operates a hospital that cares for the homeless, sick, and poor.

Hospital beds in Chile
Hospital rooms in Chile
Crowded hospital in Chile

Molina Hospital opened in 1982. Currently, 400 patients are seen every day, but the hospital only has 140 beds. Patients are lined up in hallways and closets–any space big enough to hold a hospital bed.

The hospital serves the homeless, sick, and poor that have no families to support them. Most of the patients have been dismissed from other hospitals because they couldn’t pay for their care.

The number of people needing medical care grows every day. The Congregation of the Good Samaritan Sisters badly needs to build a new wing in order to accommodate as many patients as possible.

And the sisters plan to do just that! Soon, a fourth wing will be added to Molina Hospital, providing added space. The sisters have met with an architect and plans have been drawn. The sisters and their patients will soon have the space they need!

We are so excited to help the Congregation of the Good Samaritan Sisters build this new, state of the art facility, and to continue their legacy of caring for the poorest in Molina.

Chile Molina hospital extension
Older patients in Chile hospital
Hospital waiting room in Chile

Summer 2018

Enjoy this birds’ eye view of the construction progress!

Spring 2018

Construction is under way!

Take a look at the latest photos below:

Chile sister nurse

You can play an important role in the work of the Congregation of the Good Samaritan Sisters when you make a donation today in support of the Molina Hospital. You will give dignity to the poor and truly embody the parable of the Good Samaritan:

“But a Samaritan […] was moved with compassion at the sight.” – Luke 11:33