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This Christmas, as you prepare to give gifts that matter and keep the focus on Jesus, we have the best way for you to do just that:

Browse the 2019 Gift of Life Christmas Catalog and give real gifts to real people all over the world!

Your gift can be in honor or memory of a loved one you hold dear, and
bless a person in need at the same time!

Bless people like these orphans in Ndekesha, DR Congo…

Since 2016, you and caring friends like you have been champions for an amazing group of orphans and the religious sisters who care for them. Ndekesha Orphanage is home to 21 children and 19 religious sisters. These heroic sisters have provided excellent care to the children, giving them a loving home despite the highest odds against them.

  • During peace time, Sister Beatrice had to borrow a motorcycle and drive 4 hours one way to contact Catholic World Mission to request aid or send us updates.
  • When civil war erupted, the sisters had to gather everyone up and flee to safety in the middle of the night. Their refuge, Kinshasa, was 70 kilometers (100 miles) away. They made this journey on foot, and many arrived sick and feverish.
  • Once in Kinshasa, the sisters found a room to rent. For the next year, 21 children and 19 sisters lived in a single room, crowded and cramped together, but kept safe and cared for by the sisters.
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Through it all, the children survived thanks to the sisters’ courage and love, and one other key element: you. Because of your unwavering support, even in the darkest times, these little ones knew they would always have enough to eat.

Today, the orphans and sisters are back home at their newly renovated orphanage in Ndekesha. Their story isn’t over and the road ahead will be long. Every day, the sisters and children search for, and find, joy. The role you play in bringing their hopes to life is irreplaceable.

This Christmas, you can give joy, hope, and real-life gifts to the Ndekesha orphans and countless others around the world!

Browse the 2019 Gift of Life Christmas Catalog below. Every gift you give is a real gift going to a real person.

You can also give in memory or honor of a loved one. What better way to honor someone you love than to bless the poor around the world in their name!

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