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Christmas Catalog- gift of life

2020 has been a uniquely difficult year for all of us. With each of us facing our own struggles and uncertainties, it can be easy to ignore the suffering of others. Yet the Christmas spirit is all about a God who loves us so much that He couldn’t ignore our suffering. He loves us so much that he actually became one of us—this is the mystery of the Incarnation. This year, you can live the Christmas spirit in a special way. You can unite yourself with the suffering poor in imitation of how Christ united himself with humanity.


Simply by browsing gifts from the 2020 Life of Love Christmas Calendar!

When you give a special gift to a community in need, you embody the Christmas spirit and give hope and true joy to people living in poverty all over the world.

Your gift today can help a person in need like 8-year-old Shan. Shan and his family are refugees in India. They fled with only the clothes on their backs. In their new community, they are considered Dalits, or “untouchable.” They face terrible discrimination, crushing poverty, and limited access to education and work.

Shan’s parents are doing their very best. They are landless farmers who work long days in the fields for meager wages. Because they’re so poor, Dalit farmers often bring their children to the fields so they can help pick crops and earn more money—causing the children to lose out on critical opportunities for education and a better life.

Thanks to the kindness of friends like you, our ministry partners in southern India are giving broken kids like Shan a chance. Fr. Scott brings children like Shan from the paddy fields to the local orphanage where they receive clothing, books, meals, and even a safe roof overhead if they need it. The kids are encouraged to study and hope for a better future.


Fr. Scott, an energetic and dedicated young priest, has something special planned for Shan and other kids like him this Christmas. And with your help, he can pull off his surprise that will make these children’s hearts so happy – A Christmas Day they’ll never forget!


Your gift of food from our 2020 Gift of Life catalog will help to provide children in Fr. Scott’s care with a special feast on Christmas Day. The kids will gather around a big table and enjoy a beautiful holiday dinner and be reminded that they are loved and worthy.

Christmas catalog 2020 Shan and his family are refugees in India

Your generosity will bless Shan and other children like him with a surprise Christmas Day dinner, including special treats like chicken and apples. 

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This is just one example of a blessing you can give this Christmas but scroll down for more gift ideas, including ways to help with our Evangelization Education and Disaster Relief efforts     


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What’s more, you can also give your gift in honor of a loved one—making your gift for a person in need your Christmas gift for a loved one, too.
What better way to honor someone you love than to bless the poor around the world in their name!
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