Core Values

These core values of Catholic World Mission are not merely aspirations, but the principles that should guide our everyday attitudes and actions.


Our Catholic identity shapes everything we do.  Our Trinitarian approach is reflected on three levels: (1) rooted in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; (2) focused on uniting our team, donors, and partners; (3) growing persons, the projects, and our organization. Each project, each action of our team, each partnership we see as an opportunity to spread the joy of the Gospel.


The Holy Spirit grants us parrhesia: radical openness, candor, and freedom to express the faith, hope and love in our hearts. By participating in this mission, we open ourselves, donors, and partners to opportunities for spiritual growth. We know that ultimately God is in charge, granting us holy indifference, allowing us to be bold, daring, fearless, and with a balanced can-do attitude as a team. We leave room for his surprises, curiosity, and keep a fun-loving spirit!


We seek to respond passionately to the mission entrusted to us by our Lord – to alleviate material and  spiritual poverty by empowering the poor and sharing the Gospel of Christ – while staying accountable to our board of directors and to the partners and donors we connect. God transforms our donors into missionaries. As stewards of the resources we receive, we seek focused responsibility and hold each other accountable for excellence, with flexible efficiency.


Working on so many important projects could easily undermine our relationships with each other, between staff and board, or with donors or partners. We seek to keep healthy human dynamics at the forefront, making others feel heard, treating others with respect, fostering and giving trust, avoiding gossip or murmuring, living transparently (with each other on the team and from an audit standpoint), and always being honest and fair in our dealings. We nurture and seek to bring out the best from each person and build teamwork.


We seek to present the face of hope, with an eternal and uplifting focus. By connecting donors to real needs, we enable them to fulfill part of their mission on earth and to store up treasure in heaven. Hope makes us optimistic, resilient, persevering, and joyful, keeping perspective on the eternal return-on-investment of our efforts, and those of our donors and partners.

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