Top 10 Countries With a Large Catholic PopulationCatholicism is an important aspect of millions of people’s lives worldwide. Throughout history, missionaries have worked to spread the word and love of God throughout the world, spiritually enriching countless lives. Learn which countries have large Catholic populations and why Catholicism is so important to their citizens.

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Catholic Population by Region

Catholicism is one of the most common religions throughout the world, but these numbers vary depending on the region. For example, most of Asia does not practice Catholicism, but Southeast Asia has a larger Catholic population. The Philippines, in particular, is one of the most predominantly Catholic countries in the world.

With 39% of the population identifying as Catholic, Latin America is the region with the most Catholics. The Middle East and North Africa are regions with the lowest rates of Catholics, making up less than 1% of the world’s Catholics. North America (8%) and Asia (12%) are also continents with lower Catholic demographics.

Top 10 Countries With a Predominantly Catholic Population

The Catholic Church is an important aspect of many peoples’ lives worldwide. Throughout history, the beauty and joy of Catholicism and God have been shared with the world, allowing others to grow emotionally and spiritually. Even today, Catholic missionaries continue God’s work by sharing His teachings and love across the globe. Here are the top 10 countries with the highest number of Catholic citizens:

1. Brazil

Brazil is one of the most devout Catholic countries globally, with approximately 54.2% of people identifying as Catholic. This percentage translates to roughly 126.8 million Catholics in Brazil. The Portuguese introduced Catholicism to Brazil, and the original diocese was created in 1551.

Catholicism has remained the official religion of Brazil even after its independence. In Brazil, the church plays a large role in daily life and is meaningful to millions of families.

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2. Mexico

In terms of the number of people, Mexico is one of the countries with a large Catholic population, with approximately 98.8 million citizens identifying as Catholic. The overall population consists of roughly 72.1% of citizens following the Catholic faith. Catholicism was first introduced to Mexico by the Spanish in the early 1500s. To this day, Catholicism is an important aspect of many lives in Mexico.

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3. The Philippines

There are approximately 76 million Catholics in the Philippines, which equates to about 81% of citizens. When it comes to Catholic countries in Asia, the Philippines has one of the largest Catholic populations. Like Mexico, the Spanish brought Catholicism to the Philippines to spread the faith and share the glory of God.

The Philippines achieved independence in 1898, and Catholicism remains one of the most popular religions in the country.

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4. The United States

The United States has one of the highest Catholic populations globally, with approximately 51 million adults identifying as Catholic. About 21% of the population in the United States practices Catholicism. In the 1500s, the Spanish introduced Catholicism to the United States, beginning in the areas now known as Florida, Texas and California.

In the 1700s, the French also created their own missions in Alabama, Louisiana, Michigan, Arkansas and Illinois. When the United States gained its independence, its Catholic population also increased.

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5. Italy

Italy is a predominately Catholic country in Europe, with around 50.4 million Catholics living in the country. Catholicism is the predominant religion in Italy, with 78% of citizens practicing Catholicism. Italy has a long relationship with Christianity, as this religion was introduced to the nation in the first century. While Vatican City is located within Italy, it’s a separate country and isn’t included in Italy’s population.

Catholicism has always been influential and important to Italy, and Rome is one of the most popular places for pilgrimage, allowing Catholics to deepen their spiritual beliefs and become closer to God.

Italy6. France

In France, approximately 40 million citizens practice Catholicism. Roughly 63% to 66% of the French population identifies as Catholic. France also has a long history of Christianity and Catholicism, with some of the earliest signs of Christianity in France documented in the second century. Today, Catholicism remains an important aspect of life for many French adults and families.

7. Colombia

Colombia has approximately 36 million Catholics, totaling about 75% of the population. The Spanish first brought Catholicism to Colombia in 1508, and the first diocese was created in 1534. In 1819, Colombia received independence from Spain, but Catholicism remained a major religion for most of the population. Colombia is one of the most devout Catholic countries in South America.

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8. Poland

Poland is a very religious country with over 33 million citizens practicing Catholicism, which makes up around 87% of the population. In Poland, Pope John Paul II, who is famous for renewing widespread Catholic faith, continues to be a powerful religious symbol and figure. Catholicism is the most prominent religion in Poland by a large percentage.

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9. Spain

In Spain, approximately 61.3% of citizens identify as Catholic, accounting for over 32 million residents. Catholicism became widespread in Spain in the 15th century following the conquest of Granada. Many Catholic cathedrals, basilicas and churches are present throughout Spain, rich with history and beauty. These cathedrals play a fundamental role in Spain’s history and signify the importance of the Catholic faith throughout the country.

10. The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Finally, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the most devout Catholic countries in Africa, with over 28 million citizens practicing Catholicism. Approximately 75% of the population identifies as Christian, with 33% of these being Catholics. The Catholic Church continues to play an important role in the country.

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