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A Critical Message from the Executive Director

Deacon Rick Medina, Executive Director of Catholic World Mission, with a special message for you in these trying timesAfter many years of praying, we finally launched our very first full-fledged Seminarian Support program.

Since 2014, Catholic World Mission has helped seminarians. We started with a small gift of bicycles for seminarians to go to school in a minor seminary in India. What started as a gift of transportation to young novices for the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales seminarians in Bastora, India has expanded around the world to other religious orders and rural dioceses.

We worked excitedly for months, carefully selecting religious and diocesan orders with missionary zeal. We wanted to support the formation of seminarians coming from religious orders and dioceses which are already working directly with the poor and spreading the Gospel message. After months of preparation, we anxiously awaited the launch of the Seminarian Support program in August 2018.

None of us expected what came next!

If you live in the U.S., odds are you have already heard and read a lot about the scandal that was recently made public in Pennsylvania. We had no way of knowing our Seminarian Support program would be going live at the same time as a major scandal sent shock waves throughout the entire Church.

We at Catholic World Mission have felt, and are feeling, every manner of reaction to this terrible news: anger, disgust, sorrow, grief. We stand with victims and their families, and we stand with the good, holy priests who are reeling as much as any of us from this news.

Catholic World Mission is an independent entity, not connected with any one diocese. We work to support the whole Church in as many poor dioceses around the world as possible. We support the universal church – we receive no direct funding from dioceses, etc. – and in light of the recent news coming out of Pennsylvania, we support real, lasting change. We support transparency within the Church as well as positive reform to ensure that our beloved Church fulfills its mission to be an authentic witness to the Gospel of Christ, and works always to lift up the poor and vulnerable among us, especially impressionable children and seminarians.

St. Augustine of Hippo once said, “Hope has two beautiful daughters, and their names are anger and courage. Anger at the way things are, and courage to see that things don’t stay as they are.” If true change is to come to our beloved Church, we will need to allow the anger we all feel to fuel the courage it will take to make concrete changes.

We believe it was no coincidence that our Seminarian Support program, aimed at supporting the formation of a new generation of good and holy priests, came about just as a terrible scandal hit our beloved Holy Mother Church. It is our sincere prayer that if you are angry, sad, disgusted, or whatever you feel – you will let that inspire hope for the future because that is what these seminarians represent.

 Let us not lose hope. Let us not abandon Holy Mother Church. We still need future holy priests.


 God bless,

Deacon Rick Medina
Executive Director
Catholic World Mission