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March 9, 2018

New Revolution Comes to Cuba: School of Faith spreads the Gospel, hope

For the first time in 56 years, Cuba's communist regime is allowing a Catholic church to be built. This is nothing short of a miracle because communist governments are typically atheist and anti-religion, and they usually force their citizens to live this way, too. For decades, Cuban Catholics have had to practice their faith underground, and were met with great suspicion if it became known that they were faithful people. Fidel Castro even closed the Jesuit high school he and his brother attended when he came to power.

But all of that is changing.

Your generosity made it possible for 80 students and counting to complete this program! Here, program leader Marco Antonio gives graduate Mirtha her certificate of completion.Last year, you helped 80 people who were hungry for Jesus' love and ready to take on the big task of making him known to others. You gave generously to make it possible for them to complete training courses and become fully equipped evangelizers. They are now fully formed and equipped to share the life-changing truth of Jesus' love with everyone they meet!

You can make a difference for nearly 200 Cuban Catholics who are hungry to learn more about their faith and have the desire to share the Gospel with the rest of their countrymenAs Cuba opens its doors to faith, and begins to allow its citizens to practice religion openly, even more evangelizers need your help to share the Good News of Jesus' love with more and more people.



Watch what two recent graduates have to say about the School of Faith (and read the translation below)!


Gertrudis, above, says this about her experience in the School of Faith: "I’m from Bayamo, Diocese of Bayamo-Manzanillo, and I attend San Salvador de Bayamo parish. I’m taking the Holy Scriptures course. This experience has allowed me to grow in faith. It helps me to know more about our God. It’s been good to share with others who are interested in the same course. All the information helps us to deepen and grow in our faith. I thank Catholic World Mission for all the help and support given to the teachers who guide us on this path."



Navis, above, tells us about how quickly the light of faith can be fanned into flame: "I work as the Pastoral Coordinator for the Diocese of Camaguey. We’re studying the 4th module right now. It’s helped us to see the Bible from a different perspective. It’s the same Word, but different points of view. Recently we did a course for the missionaries. We took the same topics we had been taught and created the course. We talk about the Old and New Testaments. The missionaries we taught, about 80 people, are simple and humble people. Many of them are from small towns and have only been in the Catholic Church for two or three years, but they are teaching the Gospel to others and sharing the faith. They’re very grateful to receive the formation we were able to share with them."


See the impactThe impact ONE evangelizer can have is huge: even if they share the Gospel with just 3 people in their entire life, that is a gift that will ripple through eternity!

Not only did you help 80 people last year, but the program is growing! The enormity of this cannot be understated. Every person who becomes a fully qualified evangelizer can impact their country for generations to come. Even if every evangelizer was able to teach just three (3) souls about Jesus, and those three people told three more, and so on, in just a few short years, every person in Cuba would have the chance to have a personal encounter with Christ. That is the kind of encounter that changes lives forever.


"Many of [our students] are from small towns and have only been in the Catholic Church for two or three years, but they are teaching the Gospel to others and sharing the faith." - Navis, School of Faith graduate and teacher



The goal is for every diocese in Cuba to have at least one School of Faith. 

184 more people are waiting to start their own classes to become evangelizers! The goal is to have one School of Faith in every diocese!

And here's the incredible thing: 184 more people are eagerly waiting to begin courses so that they, too, can be part of this new Holy Spirit-led revolution in Cuba! As more and more Schools of Faith are opened throughout Cuba, this number will only increase.

You can be part of this exciting development today.

Just $1,200 funds the complete training and equipping of one evangelizer. That includes more than 120 classes and all materials needed. That's less than $10 per class!

Putting it into perspective: Money Edition

That price--$1,200--may seem pretty steep for a result that isn't necessarily quantifiable. This is where a little price comparison may be helpful.Click here to help souls get to Heaven!

The average college tuition in America (including private universities, and in-state tuition and out-of-state tuition for public universities) is $23,443 per year. For that same price, 20 people can become equipped to share the Gospel with countless souls for the rest of their lives, collectively giving thousands of people the chance to know Jesus and spend eternity with him!


One year of college in the US costs $23,443, while the entire program offered by the School of Faith costs just $1,200!  $23,443 will pay for one person to go to college for one year in the US, while in Cuba, that same amount will allow 20 people to complete the School of Faith! 
L: Cost of college in America vs. cost of the School of Faith in Cuba;
R: for the same price as it costs the average American college student to attend one year of college, 20 people can finish the School of Faith in Cuba and become fully equipped evangelizers!

Every dollar you give to this initiative in Cuba truly does go the distance:

  • $1,200 pays for 120 classes including materials and the cost of an evangelizer teacher
  • $500 pays for 50 classes including materials and the cost of an evangelizer teacher
  • $100 pays for the cost of an evangelizer teacher for one month
  • $25 pays for the cost of an evangelizer teacher for one week
  • $10 pays for one class including materials and the partial cost of an evangelizer teacher

Make history today and support the School of Faith!

Give now to spread the Gospel in Cuba.The Most Precious Gift

Your generosity today will not only make a concrete impact in an evangelizer's life, and bring real hope to many in Cuba, but it will be a gift that ripples through eternity. You will be the reason that someone makes it to heaven. You may never know their name, or their story, but when you stand before Jesus at the end of your life, the Lord will know how many people he counts among his friends as a direct result of your generosity. And that is the most precious gift of all.

Evangelizers are being formed to carry the love of Jesus throughout Cuba! Cuba is hungry for the truth and love of Jesus Christ, and these evangelizers and evangelizers-in-training are heroically responding!

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