Cuban Catholic Missionary Work
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Catholic Evangelization in Cuba

Population: 11,031,433
Percent Below Poverty Line: N/A

In Cuba, the people live on less than $0.82 cents per day on average. When Pope Francis visited Cuba in 2015, he shared in his homily at Mass at Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, “Being a Christian entails promoting the dignity of our brothers and sisters, fighting for it, living for it.” We pray that with your generous support the dignity of life can be supported in Cuba.

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Hope and Faith Are Rekindled in Cuba After 56 Years!

For the first time in 56 years, a dedicated Catholic Church will be built in Cuba. It is the first permanent Catholic Church in the atheist state since 1959, when the Cuban Revolution began with the leader of the country imposing communist rule. Restrictions were made and imposed on religious groups, Church leaders were run out, and the Catholic Churches were seized and sometimes demolished.

Relations between the Cuban government and the Vatican started to improve when Saint Pope John Paul II visited the island in 1998. Now, a small town in southern Cuba, Sandino, has permission to build a new church, and is asking for funding. Previously, Mass has been celebrated in a garage of a house the church was renting.

With this great news, and the improving state of Cuba, the Catholic World Mission family has the opportunity to spread an evangelization program in Cuba to teach the Catholic people about their faith. The program, Escuela de la Fe (School of Faith), is open to all Catholics: youth, adults, religious women and clergymen who wish to know the faith thoroughly.

This program will rekindle hope where it has been shattered and teach catechesis where no one has been able to teach before. 

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