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Population: 11,031,433
Percent Below Poverty Line: N/A

In Cuba, the people live on less than $0.82 cents per day on average. When Pope Francis visited Cuba in 2015, he shared in his homily at Mass at Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, “Being a Christian entails promoting the dignity of our brothers and sisters, fighting for it, living for it.” We pray that with your generous support the dignity of life can be supported in Cuba.

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The Mission

Hope and Faith Are Rekindled in Cuba After 56 Years!

For the first time in 56 years, a dedicated Catholic Church will be built in Cuba. It is the first permanent Catholic Church in the atheist state since 1959, when the Cuban Revolution began with the leader of the country imposing communist rule. Restrictions were made and imposed on religious groups, Church leaders were run out, and the Catholic Churches were seized and sometimes demolished.

Relations between the Cuban government and the Vatican started to improve when Saint Pope John Paul II visited the island in 1998. Now, a small town in southern Cuba, Sandino, has permission to build a new church, and is asking for funding. Previously, Mass has been celebrated in a garage of a house the church was renting.

With this great news, and the improving state of Cuba, the Catholic World Mission family has the opportunity to spread an evangelization program in Cuba to teach the Catholic people about their faith. The program, Escuela de la Fe (School of Faith), is open to all Catholics: youth, adults, religious women and clergymen who wish to know the faith thoroughly.

This program will rekindle hope where it has been shattered and teach catechesis where no one has been able to teach before. 

The Program

‘The program reminds them God has not forgotten them.’

The mission of the program is to “create a pastoral institution that brings the message of Christ to the world through the formation of leaders in the Faith, and to project them apostolically.”

The program will take about two years to complete before the evangelizers are trained to catechize professionally.  The evangelizers in Cuba will be going through Basic Formation, Intermediate Formation, and Superior Formation, as well as Superior Formation for Instructors. The classes will be rooted in the faith, and the evangelizers will be formed with the truth to spread the Gospel.

Today over 140 laity are enrolled in the School of Faith in La Havana, Camagüey, Bayamo, and Guantanamo, and 115 lay people have been trained to catechize through the two-year program with the School of the Faith between the Catholic Dioceses of Camagüey, Bayamo, and Guantanamo.

The School of the Faith - Cuba

Mirtha Martinez shared, “Catholic World Mission benefactors bring them hope! Through your support, your donation makes it possible for our trainers to go to Cuba and bring them the material and courses. It reminds them God has not forgotten them.”

These evangelizers will learn the Bible, Christology, Christian Ethics, Ecclesiology, the Sacraments, Theology Mariology, apologetics, catechesis, history of the Church, integral human development, liturgy, practicing catechesis, and understanding their life in Christ. The teachers coming out of the program will be well versed in the Church’s teachings, and able to defend our Church.

After each evangelizer goes through the program they are charged with living out their faith and teaching their communities. This program will give the people what they need to stand firm in their faith, and to stand up for what is right and wrong. This once-Catholic nation is returning to its roots.

Thank You
Letter from the Bishop

(Cuban) Locals Send Letters of Gratitude for the School of Faith

Through these lines I want to thank you, for the support you are providing to the evangelizing task in our Diocese. The church of Guatanamo-Baracoa prays to God to return you back more than you gave us of your generosity. With the Grace of God and your help, the teacher Antonio Gracia Triñaque, will be training our pastoral agents and parishioners, through the “School of Faith” for better knowledge and defense of our Faith. I want to thank Catholic World Mission, not only for his support but also for his prayers and the opportunity to know the word of God to more Cubans. I extend to all of you and Catholic World Mission staff my blessing.

We pray for each other.

Mons. Wilfredo Pino Estevez
Guantanamo- Baracoa Bishop

Dear Catholic World Mission Benefactors,

I want to thank the economic support that you are giving us to promote in Cuba the courses of the School of Faith.

You are in our prayers to our Mercyful God Father.


Mons. Wilfredo Pino Estevez
Guantanamo- Baracoa Bishop

Letter from Natalia
Letter from Blanca

Dear Benefactors,

I want thank with all my heart the support received to extend in Cuba the courses of the School of Faith. Praise be the Lord for all this generosity. Your are in our prayers, and we ask our Lord to bless your good deeds. We ask for your prayers so we can continue the work we have started.

In God service and yours,


Mons. Wilfredo Pino Estevez
Guantanamo- Baracoa Bishop


December 2017

Thanks to your generosity and support, the School of Faith spread to two more dioceses in 2017! In addition to the Diocese of Guantanamo-Baracoa, where the School of Faith began, catechists are now being trained in the Diocese of Bayamo-Manzanillo and the Archdiocese of Camaguey! There are now four dioceses in Cuba implementing the School of Faith program. Newly formed catechists are sharing the love of Jesus everywhere they go and you are making that possible!

Take a look at the letter sent to you by the bishop of Bayamo-Manzanillo, Alvaro Julio Beyra:

It says, “Dear Catholic World Mission benefactors,

We would like thank the support given to the project of the School of the Faith by which the teacher Marco Antonio Gracia Triñaque will start working in our Diocese of Holy Saviour of Bayamo- Manzanillo for the catechist formation, pastoral agents and parishioners for better understanding and defense of the Catholic Faith.

We pray for all the people make this contribution posible.

With my blessing, in Jesus Christ,

Mons. Álvaro Julio Beyra”

Bishop Beyra of the Diocese of Bayamo-Manzanillo sends you his thanks for your support of the School of Faith!

The School of Faith has now extended to the following dioceses:

How Can You Help

Today, the School of Faith program is in over 250 locations, and has had over 20,000 people formed through the program. These laity have turned around to teach 70,000 more people. This important program helps the teachers evangelize people where they are and gently bring them into the arms of Christ!

The new evangelizers are immersed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church through the program’s 120 classes. Each class is only $10–that’s $1,200 for the full program! They are learning how to bring people to Christ and inspire others to embrace their faith. There are over 150 people ready to learn the faith and evangelize, but they need your help!

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Your generosity today helps to ensure a strong future for the Church in Cuba.

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