When you give to Catholic World Mission’s 2020 Annual Fund Drive, $50 can change a life

You are God’s hands and feet. He answers prayers through the generosity of people like you. Please, give right now. Your gift today determines the number of people who will be helped in 2020. People who are immeasurably precious to God. Your gift today will help people like Ide, Martha, and Bonnya.

$50 is all it takes to start a ripple effect of good that will be felt all over the world.

You can always give more than $50, but will you start 2020 with one of the most important gifts you’ll give all year?

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As we head into 2020, we can’t help but look back over the last year and marvel at all the good you made possible.

Your 2019 accomplishments…

Here’s just a peek at some of what you made possible—some of the lives you changed for the better:

Food for Tanzania
You gave 250 students in Tanzania a lifesaving shipment of beans, corn, and rice when they were struck by famine.

You sent a shipment of food to 250 students in Tanzania to help them survive a devastating famine.

Schoolchildren in Bangladesh
You blessed children like Bonnya with access to a quality education, which will help them break free from poverty!

You funded another year of learning for kids like Bonnya and Jahir who live in extreme poverty on Bangladesh’s tea farms, ensuring their dreams are one step closer to coming true.

Blind families in Sri Lanka
You gave blind families like this couple in Sri Lanka a dry ration pack for Christmas--a true gift!

At Christmas, 50 blind families in Sri Lanka were given dry ration packs which included rice, oil, dry milk, and other necessities. They will be able to use this food to supplement their diets in the coming months.

50 seminarians in Africa and India
You've made it possible for 50 seminarians in Africa and India to continue their studies for the priesthood.

Through your generous support, 50 men were given full scholarships for another year of seminary study. These men will one day serve in the poorest regions on earth, bringing hope and humanitarian help to the people they will serve.

Cafeteria for schoolchildren in Mexico
You gave these kids in Mexico a covered cafeteria!

Children at Mano Amiga Cancun now have a covered cafeteria where they can eat their meals, protected from wind, rain, or harsh sunshine.

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All told, your generosity made 50 projects in 32 countries possible last year. That’s a lot of good, and thousands lives changed.
Thank you.

2020 is set to be your biggest year yet

Our prayer for you is that this new decade brings abundant blessings, that your every need is met, and that you come to know God’s love in new and deeper ways.

It is our honor to pray for you by name in front of the Blessed Sacrament every Friday in our office chapel.

Would you pray for these friends around the world, and ask God to provide marvelously for their needs?

Pray for little Ide, her fellow orphans, and the whole village as they wait for clean water.

Later this year, little Ide and her fellow orphans will have the opportunity to have a water well built on the orphanage grounds. This well will give Ide access to clean drinking water in Ndekesha, DR Congo. Not only will the children benefit from clean water, but the entire surrounding village will be able to utilize this new well, too! Pray for Ide, the Ndekesha villagers, and all who are waiting for clean water.

Pray for Martha and the many women like her, who are doing all they can to provide for their children and help their neighbors in need.

Pray for Martha, who makes and sells bread in order to make enough money to feed her children. Resources are few and far between in Martha’s tiny rural village but she works hard to provide for her family and gives as generously as she can to others in the village who have even less than she does. Please pray for Martha, in thanksgiving for her generous spirit, as well as for God’s abundant providence in her life.

Keep the Isla Esmeralda communities in Ecuador in your prayers, especially the children, who are the most vulnerable.

For the fishing villages on remote islands in Ecuador, life is extreme. Poverty levels are high and for many, a life of crime is a last resort that becomes a way of life. But an order of priests we’ve worked with extensively in India—the Pilar Fathers, or Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales—are ready to bring hope to the people here, both by meeting their material needs and by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with them. Pray for the priests, that their vocations remain strong. And especially pray for the islanders, especially the thousands of children and youths who are in deep need of hope and help.

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