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Donate: Medical Missions in Nigeria

Catholic World Mission is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation which is exempt from federal income tax by virtue of being listed in the Official Catholic Directory (OCD). Catholic World Mission Employer Identification Number (EIN):13-4010454. Contributions will be used for the purpose(s), if any, specified by the donor. However, if in the judgment of Catholic World Mission, such purpose(s) become unnecessary, undesirable, impractical or impossible to fill, Catholic World Mission may use such contributions for its general missions.

Medical Mission Donate Page

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Dignified Living:

We begin to answer this call of the Lord by bringing hearty, healthy meals, building water wells, building dormitory's and dining halls for children, and sending missionaries to teach about the dignity of life, and serve medical needs. Your continued support brings a lifetime of change.


As missionaries for Christ, we serve the needy in ways that transcend material needs. We are called to seek out and touch, to open doors for the sacramental presence of God and to present the face of Christ. Our mission is to selflessly reach out to the poor and to remove obstacles that prevent them from encountering Christ. Help us financially in our mission to spread the Gospel.


Mano Amiga schools address the academic, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of families in impoverished areas. Today, Mano Amiga serves over 21,000 students living in poor, urban communities who are being served in this unique approach to attacking poverty at its root. Your continued support will help lift a family out of the cycle of poverty.

Disaster Relief:

To prevent the ramifications of disasters that may span generations. We work with communities to provide immediate and long-term relief from disasters to prevent people from falling deeper into poverty and dependence. We work with communities to give a leg up, not a hand out. Your help today allows us to respond immediately to the next disaster, and help communities still in need.