Create Self-Sustaining Communities

Donating chickens and pigs to families in Chiapas and Tabasco, Mexico will provide a reliable source of food and income.

Chiapas and Tabasco, Mexico have suffered tremendously in the past couple of years. The combination of the pandemic and unexpected natural disasters has stripped the two communities of essential needs, spiking homelessness and unemployment. While being deprived of basic needs it can be easy to become spiritually empty.
Thankfully, these communities have two passionate Catholic lay missionaries who humbly and faithfully serve them. Evangelizadores de Tiempo Completo  (ETC) missionaries, such as Andrés Hernández and Leonel Góngora, fulfill the needs of these unreachable places that Priests cannot go to daily. Each ETC lives within the communities they serve and work to nourish these rural and destitute areas both physically and spiritually. Every day, they tend to people who are lost, marginalized, and forgotten. Andrés and Leonel see the great need for the Holy Spirit within their communities, and for the necessities to survive.
You can help Lay missionaries who have committed their lives to serve impoverished people in Mexico

Meet Evangelizer Andrés Hernandez, Village of Santa Cruz in Tapilula, Chiapas.

Ministries Include:

  • Opened his house to 6 families who lost their homes due to flooding in 2020
  • Prepared 204 parishioners to receive the sacraments
  • Helped 12 people return to the Catholic faith
  • Opened 4 new catechetical centers
  • Made 106 visits to sick people

Meet Evangelizer Leonel Góngora, Cumana Section in Cunduacán, Tabasco, Mexico.

Ministries Include:

  • Secured food donations to the impoverished community
  • Prepared 167 parishioners to receive the sacraments
  • Helped 8 people return to the Catholic faith
  • Opened 5 new Catechetical centers
  • Made 208 visits to sick people

“We need your support to continue with our evangelization mission and support our brothers and sisters most in need to help them move forward and that God is with us”—Leonel Góngora, ETC Lay Missionary


With the help of Andrés and Leonel, we have an innovative solution to change the lives of these people residing in Chiapas and Tabasco. The opportunity to become self-sustainable is rare for these communities given their circumstances. By providing them with the materials to begin and continue a self-sustaining lifestyle we can relieve them of material and spiritual poverty!

You can help Lay missionaries who have committed their lives to serve impoverished people in Mexico

Catholic World Mission is on a mission to supply 25 families with chickens, pigs, and the resources needed for them to begin supporting themselves. These families can raise the animals and in return have a reliable source of food and income. We will also provide them with three months’ worth of animal feed to give them a jump-start on their self-sustainability journey. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

You can help Lay missionaries who have committed their lives to serve impoverished people in Mexico

A gift of $270 gives one family chickens and feed for three months; are you able to contribute?


Andrés and Leonel, the ETCs, will oversee and assist the community in raising the chickens and pigs. This also creates a unique opportunity for evangelization and sharing the love of God. Not only are the ETCs versed in the Catholic faith, but they have training in animal husbandry and will work towards bountifully impacting these struggling communities.

Are you able to provide a gift of $310 so a family can receive two pigs and feed for three months?

This life-changing project amounts to $19,350 for a year. This includes supplying 25 families with livestock and resources and covering the annual salaries for Andrés and Leonel as they oversee and evangelize to these families and their communities.

“Count on my prayers for all of you”—Leonel Góngora

Andrés and Leonel are ready to spring into action to materially and spiritually empower these suffering families. As the ETCs help the families take their first step towards self-sustainability, we can supply the necessary resources. Join us as we transform the lives of many in Mexico with chickens, pigs, and above all Christ’s hope. Like St. Francis of Assisi, we can work alongside these ETC missionaries and embrace the idea to “Preach the Gospel always, when necessary, use words.”

You can help Lay missionaries who have committed their lives to serve impoverished people in Mexico

It is important to uplift others in impoverished conditions both materially and spiritually as it has the power to result in robust communities full of stability and faith. ETC missionaries work to develop each person individually and promote self-sustainability in the areas they serve every day. 

YOU can help them fulfill this divine calling as we supply them with the necessities and tools they need to help others flourish in these underprivileged areas

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