Help Feed Hungry Kids Around the World

Five years ago, newborn twins were found in a field in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). Both babies were suffering with lung infections and had been left to die. Thanks to your generous support of the Ndekesha Orphanage, the Sisters who run the orphanage were able to take the boys in. The Sisters named them Norbert and Ricardo. Today, they’re thriving!

Sadly, not even this remote village in DR Congo has been left untouched by COVID-19. The twins, along with the 17 other children in the Sisters’ care, have had to stay home from school, adding extra strain to the Sisters—and each other—just like many parents in the US have experienced. The only difference is, in DR Congo, the orphans haven’t been able to continue their studies, because the orphanage and schools lack internet access. COVID-19 has also affected the orphanage in other ways: our plan to build a water tower for the children has also been put on hold.

But despite the pause in certain initiatives, the children still need help.
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Thanks to you, we’ve sent basics to Ndekesha—things like food and medicine—on a monthly basis ever since 2015. For the last five years, these precious children have been able to rely on your consistent support to help them overcome insurmountable odds.

In 2017, you helped them escape civil war and provided a small apartment and food for them while they lived as refugees in an unfamiliar city.

In 2018, you helped them come home to Ndekesha, where they were finally able to celebrate the opening of their newly refurbished orphanage—the construction of which you also supported.

Now in 2020, their need remains great, even as donations are starting to decrease. We’re doing everything we can to continue sending the vital support the Ndekesha orphans and other vulnerable children throughout the world rely on. But without your help today, this aid is in real danger of being drastically cut or stopped altogether.

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Be an Irreplaceable Hero: Here’s how you can help today

As COVID-19 lingers, needs and expenses are up all over the world. We know many of our donors are facing financial hardships as a result of the pandemic, and we are sensitive to the fact that we are all fragile right now. Still, we must come to you as beggars for Christ, on behalf of children like Norbert and Ricardo, asking you to give whatever you can spare so that the poor don’t have to suffer more than they already do.

Your gift today will be rushed into action! Here’s how you can help:

  • $1,500 provides for all expenses for a month
  • $510 provides meat and fish for the children for a month
  • $345 provides all flour, sugar, and oil needed for a month
  • $185 provides a month’s worth of nonperishables like beans, rice, and spaghetti
  • $160 provides a month’s worth of milk
  • $44 provides hand soap and laundry detergent for a month
  • $27 provides vegetables for the children for a month

Your generously-given dollars will help the children in Ndekesha, as well as children in Sri Lanka, Mexico, Nigeria, and even here in the United States! We simply can’t overstate how critical your help is. Please, give right now.

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