A Project that Sustains the Community and the Church

YOU have uplifted many lives in Enchi, Ghana in the past few years by building a Catholic Church, a primary and middle school, and a water tower. These life-changing initiatives have been fruitful by providing material, educational, and spiritual support to the Enchi community. With these initiatives sparking quick growth, the community needed to adapt to new and expanding needs.

In 2017, Monsignor Simon Assamoah, the Pastor of the Immaculate Conception Parish in Enchi, was determined to help the community achieve a state of self-sufficiency, so he established a cocoa farm!

For the first three years, the cocoa farm project proved to be a success! The farm provided jobs for local farmers and young men, and it became an additional source of income for the community. Unfortunately, this unique way of supporting the community comes with its own limitations.

Now, we have the amazing opportunity to help Enchi’s cocoa farm conquer its existing challenges, increase cocoa production, and become a stable means of income for the entire community and the church!

With self-sustainability in mind, Monsignor Simon’s innovative thinking led him to start a cocoa farm.

The cocoa farm is in dire need of equipment storage space and housing for the farmers and their families.

Ghana is the second-largest producer of cocoa in the world and many of the Enchi residents are cocoa farmers.

Various obstacles are stopping the cocoa farm from reaching its full potential. The process of collecting the cocoa that grows on the farm is time-consuming. The unstable rainfall limits farming to take place only during rainy seasons, instead of year-round. The farm is in need of additional supplies and equipment such as fertilizers, sprayers, and tools. Also, yielding more crops will require a larger storage unit. Finally, one of the greatest struggles is that most of the determined workers have to travel long distances by foot each day to work on the farm.

Luckily, we have created a plan alongside Monsignor Simon Assamoah that addresses each of these concerns…

  • A tractor would save the cocoa farmer’s time and create an efficient way to collect the crop in the field
  • An irrigation system would allow the farm to be in operation year-round and no longer controlled by unpredictable rainfall
  • Providing additional equipment and storage would prepare the farm for its next phase of growth
  • Building new homes on the farm to house forty workers and their families would remove the exhausting trek to-and-from work AND allow the children to receive an education at the nearby school

We have the chance to help this cocoa farm produce around 200 bags of cocoa beans annually to help Enchi become more independent. Earnings from the farm would provide steady employment for the workers, education for the children, and sustainability for the church to continue supporting the local hospital and surrounding families.

May we count on you to provide housing for two farmers and their families for $250?

Meet Cocoa Farmer John, a Grateful Father

John Musa is a hardworking, loving dad who dreams of a brighter future for his children. Before working on the cocoa farm, John struggled with landing permanent work to take care of his wife and four children. He was among the first group of cocoa farmers, and now lives in a small hut on the farm with his family. His children go to school in a bigger village nearby. John is incredibly thankful for the support of Catholic World Mission and donors like YOU as it will help villagers like him land permanent employment and income to support their families.

“We are praying that Monsignor Simon will get the needed support so that he will employ more workers and make the Cocoa Farm Project a permanent one to help me and others take care of their families,”-John Musa

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With YOUR help, providing essentials for the cocoa farm will transform the lives of 600 schoolchildren and 3,000 parishioners in Enchi. Purchasing a tractor, gathering the farm equipment needed, installing an irrigation system, and providing homes for the farmers and their families gives the Enchi community the opportunity to continue flourishing. Self-sustainability is a life-changing gift and YOU can give this community the materials they need to achieve it.

In total, we are working hard to raise $25,000 to support critical work on Msgr. Simon’s Cocoa Farm Project.

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