Giving the Children of West Ghana Hope

Giving the Children of West Ghana Hope

Our dedicated partner and missionary, Michael Barry has visited Ghana numerous times, and seen the pressing needs of the people. He has made it his life purpose to help those in need and contribute to bettering the society, having seen their struggle first-hand.
We have joined in 2015 to provide school supplies and desks to poor children at the Gabikpo Island School. 50% complete we are partnering with Michael once again to build the Pope Francis Home & School in Ghana. It will serve not only the abandoned orphans in the village of Awudome-Avenui, but also the children on the Gabikpo Island, and bring in jobs for the village.

Project Updates

Project Updates

The Pope Francis School and Health Center is Complete!

June 2022

We are thrilled to announce that the Pope Francis School and Health Center (the PFSHC) is serving families in need!

The PFSHC is a multipurpose campus, led by dedicated Sisters, that cares for vulnerable children and orphans whose parents suffer from HIV/AIDS. The Center also provides quality healthcare and education to the surrounding community. All of the work done at the PFSHC, from ministering to the sick to academics and sports, has an evangelization focus to develop the children’s God-given talents and build the Church.

The partners and community dedicated the Sisters’ housing to Catholic World Mission and the school to Atlanta’s own, Bishop Joel Konzen, to show their immense gratitude!

“PFSHC extends its heartfelt gratitude to CATHOLIC WORLD MISSION for their demonstrated love over the years! Through CWM’s Financial Support, Words of Encouragement, Prayers, and Counsel, PFSHC is able to Mitigate Hunger, Educate, Inspire, and Share the Gospel with the vulnerable. Thank you, Catholic World Mission. Proverbs 19:17 Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.” 

Thanks to you, this once poverty-stricken community is moving toward a brighter future through quality education, proper healthcare, and a new-found Faith. 

Pope Francis Home and School is Under Construction

The ribbon cutting ceremony began the construction of the Pope Francis Home and School. Bishop Lodonu attended the ceremony and gave his blessing.
Phase 1 is nearly 100% complete! This first phase includes building two dormitories, a medical clinic, a kitchen and housing for the sisters! See pictures below:
The Dining Hall construction is underway, and the Generator Electric Backup system has been purchased!

Desks Arrived in Their Classroom Overnight

October 2015

Desks for the Gabipko Island School were delivered early in October 2015 ahead of schedule. Gabipko Island School assumed when the desks arrived in their classroom overnight that they were from the government. To their surprise missionary Michael Barry, and his team arrived the next day to celebrate the gift from Catholic World Mission.

Many missionaries from other organizations have visited the Gabipko Island School in the past promising to return with supplies for the school, but no one ever has. For them this blessing from Catholic World Mission was a first. Michael, and his Ewe speaking missionaries gathered the community to give a speech on the importance of education; to let them know they will be coming back every month to check to see that the desks are being put to good use; and if they are being taken care of then they will receive more school supplies. Michael and his missionaries also brought some school supplies with them for the children. They brought crayons, pencils, and notebooks so each child could take charge of his and her own learning.

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