Be a Lifeline. Help Ship Healing & Hope

Do you remember the last time you were sick or injured?  You reached for a band aid, a cold remedy, or took an ibuprofen.  Maybe there was a kind nurse or a warm welcome at the clinic to help you heal. Perhaps your medication for HBP or diabetes was waiting for you at the pharmacy. You had access to resources to help you get better, stay healthy, be vital.

Unfortunately, treatable and preventable injuries and disease kill tens of thousands of people each year in places like Ghana, Gambia, and the Philippines. Sadly, women and children are the most vulnerable.  Without access to clinics or medicines and supplies –  a simple infection can rapidly become deadly.

Hospital in Philippines in need for help
Wife taking care of her husband at a hospital in Philippines

Already stretched supplies have been depleted during the pandemic. Many services are unavailable to our brothers and sisters in remote and rural places. Local clinics struggle to secure medicines. Budgets of the provincial governments are limited and resources are focused on fighting Covid.

CWM has partnered with many generous organizations over the past decade like the Knights of Columbus, pharmaceutical companies, and local hospitals to provide critically needed medical supplies. This year, CWM has filled 3 containers with items like hospital beds, ibuprofen, bandages, crutches, thermometers and antibiotics.

Sick child at a hospital in Ghana
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Medical supplies warehouse

These containers hold life-giving solutions for life-taking diseases – will you be all in to deliver hope?

The ships are scheduled to dock in Ghana, Gambia and the Philippines and we need everyone all in to cover the cost of shipping. Once the containers are empty, they will be converted to 40×8 mini clinics providing critical care to rural and remote communities.

Your contribution today will help save lives tomorrow.

Because of your generosity, lives will be saved from treatable illnesses in places like St. Martin de Porres Hospital, a Catholic Hospital in Eikwe, Ghana. In the Philippines, you’ll help deliver desperately needed medical supplies to 3 hospitals and dozens of other rural community clinics scattered throughout the provinces of Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental.

And in Gambia, a small West African country, serious health problems include infectious and parasitic diseases that arise from severe malnutrition and a lack of health education information. Hospitals and clinics like Foday Kunda Health Center and Soma District Hospital desperately need medical supplies to keep up with the high demand. Will you be all in and deliver life-saving medical supplies?

Small deeds can make a huge impact. Just $1 can make a difference. For each $1 that you donate today, CWM can ship $792 worth of life saving medicines and supplies.

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Can I count on you for a minimum of $35 –  to deliver supplies and medicines to help your brothers and sisters heal?

“Amen I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

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