National Domestic Workers Movement (NDWM)

provides critical services to displaced domestic workers in Goa.

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Critical relief during Covid for domestic workers

Distribution of dry rations during the early stages of the lock down.

Pivoting to sustain domestic workers in Goa, National Domestic Workers Movement is providing critical relief during the pandemic; helping those who help others.

Most domestic workers in India are young girls and women. They are illiterate, low skilled, widowed, abandoned, and some of the poorest, most exploited workers in India. Lacking legal protection or esteem, they are dependent upon their employers for meager wages.

Sister Marie Lou, is working hard to break the shackles of dependency and discrimination for her marginalized neighbors. Where others see the “low caste” she sees hope for the future.

By helping them end the cycle of poverty and indebtedness, you can be their hope for a brighter future.
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NDWM works to educate, advance, and protect the rights and dignity for domestic workers. As jobs vanished due to shutdowns, NDMS assisted domestic workers with small startups selling veggies, edibles, and clothes; keeping these workers engaged in the community and providing an opportunity for themselves and their families to survive.

NDWM is training domestic workers in proper Covid-19 safety standards as they return to jobs caring for the elderly.

NDWM distributes dry packs to help nourish these women –many who have lost their vital jobs due to Covid and have nowhere to turn. Their very survival depends on the services and dry rations that NDMS provides.

In order to continue this vital work to pull the next generation out of poverty, NDWM needs your help.

 “We invite you to participate in this worthy cause of giving a new lease on life to domestic workers. Your generous contribution would boost the efforts of NDWM to make a difference in the lives of these workers in Goa.” Sr. Mary Lou
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Domestic worker in Goa India


Women domestic worker needs help during pandemic


Most domestic workers in India are young girls and women


These three women  have taken up additional income generation programs like vegetable and fish vending to tide over their current jobless situation and later to supplement their income from domestic work.

You can break their shackles and provide hope!

Help for GOA Domestic Workers
$21 Builds 3 gardens to assist women toward self-sufficiency.
  $231 Builds 33 gardens to assist women toward self-sufficiency.
$180 Distributes dry rations and basic necessities to 12 displaced domestic workers.
  $780 Distributes dry rations and basic necessities to 52 displaced domestic workers.
$1560 Sets up small business and farming skills training to reach more domestic workers in Southern Goa and provide outreach programs for the “low caste.”

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