Haiti CFSOP keep running their feeding program


Restart Life-Saving Feeding Program

The Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, who are inspired by their Patron St. Francis of Assisi, humbly and freely offer all their works of mercy to the brothers and sisters who need it the most – all in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We have the opportunity to give back selflessly as the CFSOP Sisters do every day, and there is no better time than right now.

On top of their Feeding Program being shut down, Sister Rita Bandola called Deacon Rick in tears after the recent earthquake that occurred in August. She pleaded for help…

“Our building used for feeding children collapsed, everything is destroyed. One of the children died and another was injured. We have no place to stay and are putting up a temporary shed for shelter”

The Sisters are cobbling together temporary shelter as their place is in shambles including the generator that we purchased for them. Not only would your support go towards restarting their feeding program, but also towards helping the Sisters and children rebuild their lives with safe sheds for shelter, a generator, clothing, and necessities. You have the opportunity to give back selflessly as the CFSOP Sisters do every day, and there is no better time than right now.

Haiti CFSOP building collapsed after earthquake

Over the past twelve years, the Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor have headed up an extensive nutrition feeding program for more than 300 underprivileged children in the remote Viloux region of Haiti. For most of the boys and girls, it’s their only real meal of the day. Viloux, an impoverished farming community, and the remote Maniche mountain areas have been impacted by food scarcity, violence, and civil unrest including the assassination of the country’s president. They have struggled with this on top of the recent earthquake, tropical storm, and COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing crises and lack of support, the children are no longer receiving their daily meals. Since their families also suffer from a lack of food and employment, the children are hungry, severely malnourished, and do not know when or where their next meal will come.

YOU have the opportunity to help the Sisters feed over 300 children in Haiti during this tumultuous time. With your generosity today, we can restart the Sisters’ Children Emergency Feeding and Nutrition Outreach Program to provide regular meals along with vital healthcare.

Haiti CFSOP feeding program after the earthquake

On top of the feeding program being shut down, the Sisters have also had to deal with the destruction of their home from the catastrophic earthquake that occurred in August.

Children sitting in a semi-circle on the ground eating

Food is scarce for these children as their parents struggle to find employment. The CFSOP Feeding Program is their only chance at having three meals a day.

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Taking inspiration from St. Francis of Assisi, the Sisters offer all of their works of mercy to people in the most desperate situations.

The Sisters are kindly requesting your compassionate help to feed 300 boys and girls who are living in detrimental conditions. The funds raised will allow them to purchase and collect food to cook and serve meals that will nourish these struggling children.

With funding provided by Catholic World Mission, the Sisters will be able to provide the children with nutritious meals every day for the next five months. That’s less than 25 cents per day, per child for 3 nutritious meals! The need is dire as food supplies, nutritional programs, and other assistance has ceased in this area of Haiti.

“If you cannot feed one hundred children, then feed one.” – Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Sister Rita Bandola, the Administrative Director of the program, cites Mother Teresa who would often say that if you cannot feed one hundred children then feed one. “This is the goal of the work that we Sisters try to achieve every day with what we have been given,” she adds.

CFSOP in Haiti helping people in need with their feeding program

The  Emergency Feeding Program have saved the lives of many  children who live in these rural Haitian areas.

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