Strengthen the Church by Helping Families in Crisis

Help Us Build the Holy Family Spiritual Center in South India

Join us in Welcoming a dear friend of Catholic World Mission to the United States!

Welcome Archbishop George Antonysamy
of the Archdiocese of Madras-Mylapore in South India
and current Vice President of CBCI (Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India)
This October, Archbishop George Antonysamy will visit Washington, D.C., Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, and CWM in Atlanta, Georgia.
Archbishop George is from the Archdiocese of Madras-Mylapore in South India. He will visit several churches to kindly ask for your help in building a Holy Family Spiritual Center, which will be fully dedicated to serving families in crisis.
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“The life of every family is marked by all kinds of crises, yet these are also part of its dramatic beauty. Couples should be helped to realize that surmounting a crisis need not weaken their relationship; instead, it can improve, settle and mature the wine of their union” no. 232

– from Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love) by Pope Francis

Strengthening the Church by Helping Families in Crisis

Help Us Build the Holy Family Spiritual Center in South India

As Christians, we all share a common goal: to make our world a more loving and holy place.

But, where do we even begin when taking on such a demanding task? 

Rather than overwhelming ourselves with the thought of a vast world, we can find comfort in the example of the Holy Family–Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and St. Joseph. By following their lead, we remember that the strength of the church starts at home. 

The Issue

Unfortunately, the modern world carries new complexities that challenge many familes to their breaking point. In South India, the Archdiocese of Madras-Mylapore is bombarded with more and more families who are facing these social and cultural barriers, which cause conflict in families and a breakdown of family ties.

Social Challenges

Mass poverty and financial difficulties

Migration of the poor from rural to urban areas 

Poor living conditions: lack of personal space, privacy, safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene 

Gender inequality, bride trafficking, abortion and the infanticide of females are still prevalent practices that disregard the dignity of women

Government programs such as forcing artificial contraception on poor families in exchange for money and goods

Rise of “nuclear families” tend to isolate members from their extended family

Rise in choice for Civil marriages instead of Church weddings

Cultural & Lifestyle Challenges

Growing individualism breaks down family bonds

Fewer people support the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage

Growing consumerism separates sexuality from procreation

External events impact the family emotionally and spiritually

The economic system leads to social exclusion: “outsiders” / “invisible”

Digital and communication technology makes it harder and harder for people to connect in real-life, meaningful ways

Family acceptance of elderly, widowed, disabled, etc. is on the decline

The Current Situation

Sadly, the direct result of these challenges is an unproportionate, extremely high amount of failed marriages, estranged young couples, and appeals for annulments. 

Because of the lack of space, the current family commission center is no longer sufficient for serving the increasing amount of applicants.

Without proper counseling, more families will continue to suffer and perish. 

Rather than throwing stones at the imperfections of our struggling brothers and sisters, Pope Francis calls us to look to the reality of family today in all its complexity, with both its lights and shadows…anthropological and cultural changes in our times influence all aspects of life and call for an analytic and diversified approach” (Amoris Laetitia no. 32).

The Solution

Inspired by our Holy Father’s teaching, the Archdiocese of Madras-Mylapore intends to build a separate Holy Family Spiritual Center that is FULLY DEDICATED to providing spiritual assistance to families facing crises. In the future center, families and couples will receive guidance from professionals in private counseling rooms, spend time in prayer together in the adoration chapel, have the opportunity to go to confession, and attend large group seminars in the convention hall. 

The center will continue to address the social, spiritual, and cultural barriers within families by providing professional counseling, biblical meditation, necessary financial, educational, and psychotherapeutic assistance to children, and regular organized programs. 

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Help Build the Holy Family Spiritual Center in South India Today!

Strengthen the Church by Helping Families in Crisis
  • The local community has raised $60,000 & $42,900 has been collected from other sources
  • Provide all the brick work for $23,121.72
  • Help with half of the cement flooring for $16,100.73
  • Install all electrical wiring and features for $7,032
  • Help provide the front door for $369.10
  • Every dollar helps! Click the green button.

Family Commission Programs

  1. Marriage Preparation Course Orientation classes held for young couples preparing for the sacrament of marriage (focuses on the spiritual, medical, social and legal aspects of marriage)
  1. Formation for Parents of the Couples Enabling parents of young couples to guide the families of their children better.
  1. Marriage Enrichment Program Providing guidance to young couples after their wedding
  1. Counseling for Couples Psychological and Spiritual counseling provided for families facing crises with the help of trained and professional counselors.
  1. Counselors Meet Enabling family counselors to come together and share their experience in guiding families in a spirit of mutual learning from one another.
  1. Suyavaram Helping single young adults to find their future spouse.
  1. Couples for Christ A group of married Catholic families who come together to pray and celebrate their fellowship
  1. Marriage Encounter Programs Enabling couples to meet other Catholic families and establish bonds of friendship.
  1. Christmas Celebration with Poor Families Reaching out to poor families to share the joy of Christmas
  1. Family Day Liturgy Bring the annual Family Day liturgy to life at the Archdiocesan level in all the parishes to educate lay people about Catholic teachings on family and ways of growing together as a whole family.

The strength of the Church relies on family.

Your generosity will help break down family barriers, provide healing, and build peaceful households.
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