Back-to-School for Nigeria: Send Supplies & Change Lives

Send Supplies to Nigeria & Change Lives

The back-to-school season brings an eagerness for new beginnings. Fresh school supplies, uniforms, and nutritious lunches allow students to succeed in a healthy learning environment. Many children around the world dream of earning an education as they struggle to access even the necessities to survive. YOU can change the lives of over 900 children as we collaborate with Keneolisa Charities to give them the tools they need to succeed in this upcoming academic year!

We aim to provide four schools in Nigeria with resources including school supplies, whiteboards in classrooms, and weekly meals so they may continue changing the lives of deserving and bright children. St. Mary’s Primary School, Broderick Primary School, Lively Stone International, and Santa Maria Nursery and Primary School work hard to give their students what they need on scant funds and resources and are calling for our aid. Students like Michael will reap from your bountiful generosity as they have the chance to earn an education despite their unfortunate circumstances.

“School is starting soon and we desperately need your help…We have so many needs – from books, pencils, and pens, school uniforms, whiteboards, shoes, backpacks – the list goes on and on.” – Felicia Amanambu, Partner of Keneolisa Charities
Back-to-School for Nigeria: Send Supplies & Change Lives

Thanks to your past generosity, Michael now owns a school uniform and enhances his learning by using a whiteboard in class.

Back-to-School for Nigeria: Send Supplies & Change Lives

These four schools in Nigeria do incredible work with the scant resources they have as they strive to pave the path out of poverty for their students.

As a student of Lively Stone International School, Michael aspires to finish school and become a teacher. The seven-year-old has big responsibilities once class ends and races home every day to take care of his family. To secure his education, he sells the water his parents collect during the day, which helps feed his family and pay for his school fees. His tasks of generating income and tending to his six siblings affect his schooling as he spends sleepless nights finishing homework for his classes.

It costs $102 to supply 17 students with school supplies at St. Mary’s Primary School; are you able to contribute?

YOU can help Michael and other hard-working children focus on staying in school by giving them the necessities for a quality Catholic education. A daily meal at school can save countless students from starvation as that is most likely the only meal they will receive all day. Providing them with uniforms and paying their school fees will take the heavy responsibilities they carry off themselves. New school supplies and whiteboards will result in a healthier and more productive school environment. Bringing relief to them as they persist in earning an education will lighten the burden their families carry as they work hard to give them better lives.

Back-to-School for Nigeria: Send Supplies & Change Lives

These students persist in earning a Catholic education despite struggling with school fees, food insecurity, and dilapidated classroom conditions.

Back-to-School for Nigeria: Send Supplies & Change Lives

YOU can help Santa Maria Nursery and Primary School replace the chalkboards in their classrooms to brand new whiteboards!

A donation of $600 pays for the entire student body’s meals at Broderick Primary School. Can we count on you to make that contribution?

As Jesus boldly proclaimed, “Let the children come to me and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these,” (Luke 18:16, New American Bible Revised Edition), we are called to serve children who need it the most right now. With the back-to-school season approaching, we want to team up with YOU to give these four schools everything they need to empower every child who walks through their doors. We can change the lives of many students by giving them what they need to succeed and change the course of their future forever.

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Meet the Students

Back-to-School for Nigeria: Send Supplies & Change Lives

Uchenna Obi

Sixth year student at Ukpor School
  • Family Life: She is one of five siblings.  Her father is a farmer and her mother is a hawker that sells items at the market. Her family can only afford to feed their children twice a day.
  • Aspirations: She desires to become a doctor. She also wishes to help her family so that they can live better lives.
  • School Life: She loves her teachers who encourage her to be studious and achieve her dreams. Her favorite subject is science.
  • Most of all, Uchenna is grateful for everything Catholic World Mission has done for her and her school in the past and present including sponsoring school feedings, paying for school fees, and shipping school supplies.
Back-to-School for Nigeria: Send Supplies & Change Lives

John Aneifor

Sixth year student at Ukpor School
  • Family Life: He shares one sibling.  His father, unfortunately, passed away when he was young, and his mother struggles to feed them.  He helps her sell water after school to make ends meet.  On a good day, they are able to eat twice a day but eating once a day, unfortunately, occurs more often than not.
  • Aspirations: He desires to become a teacher and then work towards becoming a doctor. He loves helping widows in his area because he empathizes with his own family life.
  • School Life: He admires his teachers as they push him to succeed and be diligent in his studies so that he may make his mark on the world.
  • He is thankful for Catholic World Mission as he has been blessed by the feedings and aid we have given them over the years.

We need your support to raise $11,260

Your donation in any amount can make a difference…

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