Help Sisters Bring Hope to the Slums

The Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor are asking for YOUR help to bring up 22 devoted candidates who wish to fulfill their spiritual calling in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Establishing the Queen of Mercy Formation House and Mission Outreach Center will give the Sisters the chance to uplift and save countless lives in impoverished conditions.
The Sisters have faced many challenges while practicing corporal works of mercy and attempting to develop a new mission in Chokaa, East Nairobi. Now, the existing challenges have been amplified because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the sisters passionately persevere, knowing how desperately the Chokaa slums need their help and the Lord’s presence.

The community’s need for physical and spiritual aid can be explained through a mother’s heart-breaking experience. Trying to make it through the holidays, Miriam was juggling her life between caring for her two toddlers, Tiffan and Lian, and working a job where she was earning less than two dollars a day. On top of all of this, her employer began requiring her to work nights. Having nowhere else to leave her children, she would leave them at home in their tiny shack.

On the night of December 23, a massive power outage in the slum occurred while she was at work. Alone and scared, Tiffan and Lian lit a candle and then fell asleep. Unfortunately, Miriam returned home to a mother’s worst nightmare and saw the shack had caught fire, and both of her children had not been able to escape and passed away.

Miriam’s gut-wrenching story sprung the Sisters into action. They realized the desperate demand for not only the necessities but also faithful people who are devoted to caring for others when they need it the most. This is how the Queen of Hope Formation House and Mission Outreach Center was born. This formation house will train the aspiring Sisters in their holy way of life and the ministries of mercy they joyfully fulfill for the love of Jesus. The passion for spreading the Gospel and empowering others has already inspired 22 young women to sacrifice everything to help others like Miriam who are in critical need.

Once the Formation House is underway, they plan to combat the serious yet common issue that Miriam and other working mothers in the slums face by opening the Queen of Hope Women Crisis and Child Care Center. 

This program will provide aid to struggling mothers by giving free day and night care to their children as they are at or looking for work. With YOUR help, we will not only lift the faithful women who are training in their religious sisterhood but also hard-working women who want to make a better life for their children.

Queen of Mercy Formation House and Mission Outreach Center in Kenya will give the Sisters the chance to save lives

About the Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor

Inspired by their patron St. Francis of Assisi, the Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor are a rapidly growing order that humbly and freely offers all their works of mercy to our brothers and sisters who need it the most – all in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

These Franciscan Sisters work in places around the world including the Philippines, Jamaica, and Haiti. They have a long track record of growing hope in the most impoverished corners of the world as they build centers for the poor, homes for the homeless, orphanages and residences for mentally and physically challenged children, and care for the elderly and terminally ill, free mini-schools, and more.

Over the years, Catholic World Mission has worked to empower the CFSOP Sisters. Deacon Rick Medina has even joined them as he once flew to the Philippines to purchase a 14-seat van for the orphanage the Sisters run on the island. Their dedication to the Lord and the underprivileged is authentic and powerful, and we continue to support their works around the world.

“We are urgently in need of your merciful support!  Please do kindly assist us from the goodness of your heart.” Sister Rita Bandola, Secretary-General and Mission Director

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Queen of Mercy Formation House and Mission Outreach Center in Kenya will give the Sisters the chance to save lives

Faithful Sisters of Christ are ready to serve the slums of Nairobi and YOU can help them!

Queen of Mercy Formation House and Mission Outreach Center in Kenya will give the Sisters the chance to save lives

The training that the Sisters receive allow them to fulfill their ministries of mercy for those in need in Nairobi.

Are you able to give $130 to provide teaching materials and supplies to these aspiring Sisters for one month

Your donation towards establishing this new mission in the Chokaa slums of Nairobi will provide for the basic needs, formation programs, and development of these devoted and radiant Sisters. In return, they will be able to provide the proper care to mothers and children in this community through the outreach center. The items the Sisters are kindly asking for, such as bunk beds, classroom materials, and Bibles, are essential to truly making a difference.

Can you spare $200 to give the Sisters cutlery, pots, and pans, or $400 to provide two bunk beds?

Not only is Catholic World Mission eager to get the new mission underway, but so are the residents of the slums! Despite the hardships they face, they are committed to making the formation house a reality so that it may save countless lives. They are proud to announce that they have saved $10,270 to help the Sisters pursue their divine calling and care for others!

Queen of Mercy Formation House and Mission Outreach Center in Kenya will give the Sisters the chance to save lives
Queen of Mercy Formation House and Mission Outreach Center in Kenya will give the Sisters the chance to save lives

Two Sisters enjoy working side by side while weaving bead boxes designs.

Without dedicated holy vocations, no religious order can develop, and serve the Lord, and the underprivileged. As we continue our ongoing relationship with the Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, we see the tremendous impact their order has made across the world. We are ready to see their genuine love for the Lord change the lives of many in Kenya, and we hope you join us on this important initiative.

“May God’s blessings and peace be with you always, as you help us to spread His loving mercy and compassion to His little ones in great need!”—Sister Rita Bandola

Current Needs

Donations of all sizes help

Supporting these young women in their religious formation to become nuns is one of the best things you can do for our Catholic Church.
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