Mano Amiga Annual Scholarship Drive 2019

Mano Amiga is special because they reach children and their families to improve the world from its most vital place: the family.

Charlene needs your help.

Charlene has attended her local Mano Amiga school in the Philippines since Kindergarten, thanks to the generosity of friends like you. But this year, she may not be able to stay in school—unless someone like you steps in and provides a scholarship.

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Charlene Has Been a Mano Amiga Student Since Kindergarten But Her Parents Were Recently Laid Off, Putting Her Education in Jeopardy

She’s always been shy. She’s in the 3rd Grade now, and she’s finally starting to blossom. She’s still a little bashful, but she’s finding the courage to participate in class and share her thoughts during discussions.

Charlene’s time at Mano Amiga has truly transformed her. But both of her parents were recently laid off. As they struggle to make ends meet, the first expense they will have to cut is education.

Charlene’s dad tries to find side jobs to make ends meet, mostly in construction. Her mother does laundry in the home.

Sadly, it’s clear that despite their very best efforts, Charlene’s parents need help. And the wonderful strides Charlene has made since Kindergarten–and her whole future–are at stake.

Will you stop and pray right now for Charlene’s family, that her parents would find steady jobs? Will you also pray that God would provide mightily for their family, so Charlene and her brother have enough to eat and can stay in school?

The stats: Why Education Matters

Education will empower the world: 171 million people could escape poverty.
1 in 5 people lives in poverty in Latin America and the Philippines
High school graduation rates by country. 90% of Mano Amiga students graduate, far above national averages.

95% of Mano Amiga students rely on scholarships given by friends like you.

Children and their families in need are praying and hoping for help and support from friends like you.

171 Million People Could Be Freed from Poverty if All Children Left School with Basic Reading Skills

Charlene needs her Mano Amiga education. Not only will the knowledge she gains here impact her life forever, but the school’s nutrition program is changing her life in the here and now. During a recent weight and height assessment at school, both Charlene and her brother were deemed malnourished. So the caring people at Mano Amiga have added them to their nutritional support program to make sure Charlene gets enough food every day.

When she grows up, she wants to be a nurse or a teacher, because she wants to work with children and teach them good values, and her time at Mano Amiga means these dreams can actually come true!

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Charlene and thousands of children in Latin America and the Philippines have had the opportunity to receive quality education over the years.

But thousands more children are waiting and are destined for a life of poverty if you don’t help today. Education is the key that unlocks the prison of poverty for so many. Studies show that basic reading skills will help millions of people escape poverty—but this assumes that children have access to school in the first place.

Your Generosity Helped ­­­­­Hundreds of Children Go to School Last Year

A Mano Amiga education is so much more than “just” an education—for the children you help, their education is an investment in their future: socially, academically, and spiritually.

Mano Amiga graduates go on to serve their communities as doctors, teachers, and successful adults.

Mano Amiga schools are grounded in our Catholic faith, too. While at school, every student gets to learn about his or her dignity as a beloved child of God and meet Jesus in the Scriptures and the Eucharist. This is truly life-changing.

Your gift today will help determine how many desperately poor children are able to go to a Mano Amiga school for the 2019-2020 school year!

This Year, The Only Way Charlene Can Stay in School is With Your Help

95% of Mano Amiga students rely on scholarships given by friends like you.

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Mano Amiga serves in poor communities throughout Latin America and the Philippines. The families who send their children to Mano Amiga schools live in extreme poverty, many barely getting by. Mano Amiga is a true lifeline for the children, because at school they are fed at least one meal a day, and have access to health care, dental care, and of course, a life-changing education.

For so many students, the only reason they’re in school is because of the generosity and love of friends like you who make it possible for them to afford tuition and fees. Mano Amiga parents contribute what they can. No one gets a free pass. But for most families, it simply isn’t enough.

The only reason they have a fighting chance at a hopeful future is because of YOU!

The school year has already started for 33 Mano Amiga schools in 9 countries, but you can still make a difference today. Hundreds of children are eagerly waiting to learn if they’ll be able to start school in the coming weeks. The rest are waiting to learn if they’ll be able to finish the school year at Mano Amiga.

All of them are waiting for scholarships only you can provide.

Rescue Charlene from Poverty by Giving Her a Life-Changing Scholarship Today

$800 is all it takes to let a child like Charlene go to school for another year. Every single dollar will help a child in a Mano Amiga community go to school this year. That means:

  • $2,400 will allow 3 children to go to school this year
  • $800 lets 1 student go to school for a whole year
  • $400 pays for one semester
  • $200 pays for about 3 months of school
  • $66 pays for one month of school for one student
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The scholarship you give provides the following for a Mano Amiga student in need: monthly tuition and fees; textbooks; teaching materials; computer classes; English classes; arts, sports, and religious activities; health services; and parent orientation.

Mano Amiga is special because they reach children and their families to improve the world from its most vital place: the family.

Give right now to be part of this incredible legacy.

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