The goal is simple but profound:
Give children in poor regions access to quality education, and help them build a future full of hope.

In any tourist destination, whether it’s the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, the Vatican in Rome, or the beachy paradise of Mexico and the Caribbean, beneath the veneer of smiles and sunshine, there is a gritty underside that many tourists never see: poverty.

While tourism can contribute to development and help a community escape poverty, there is often a trend in tourist hotspots. Mere blocks away from the sandy beaches, resorts, and hotels, the surrounding community lives in deep poverty.

But Mano Amiga Cancun provides a safe place for local children to learn, grow, and thrive. Meet three of these amazing students:
Dulce, 7, loves unicorns and wants to be a vet when she grows up.

Dulce, 7, is a sweet and spunky little girl. She loves unicorns and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Her favorite subject is Spanish.

Samuel, 9, wants to be the President of Mexico when he grows up!

Samuel, 9, has big dreams: he wants to be the President of Mexico when he grows up. His parents work as a maid and gardener, respectively. He’s gone to school at Mano Amiga since Kindergarten, and he considers school to be his second home.

Marian, 6, likes to play sports and wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Marian, 6, loves math, music, and playing sports. When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher so that more children can learn and have the same opportunities Mano Amiga has given her.

Mano Amiga Cancun is a remarkable school. It provides a safe place not only for students to learn and grow, but also offers support for families.
But Mano Amiga Cancun needs your help today to continue to provide quality education to its students.
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Three Ways to Help

  • School Supplies & Furniture

    Students and teachers alike need new desks and chairs. In fact, most of the chairs are broken! Imagine how hard it is to focus, study, and learn, with broken plastic poking into you, or with a wobbly chair underneath you.

    For just $27, you can provide a safe and sturdy new chair for one student! 

    Click here to give now.

  • Window Coverings to Save Costs

    Today, almost every classroom at Mano Amiga Cancun is awkwardly dark. The teachers have covered the windows with dark fabric because the hot tropical sun shines directly into the classrooms, making them super bright and uncomfortably hot.

    This is another key area you can help today.

    For $58, you can help provide a permanent awning-like structure that will be mounted on the outside of the windows to shade the classrooms, keep them cool, and help lower energy costs for the school as a whole. Each shade structure costs $290, so your $58 gift will be combined with four others to provide a window shade.

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  • Cafeteria Roof

    The cafeteria at Mano Amiga Cancun is little more than a hole in a wall. It’s situated in the corner of a courtyard. It has only a few tables and no chairs. There is no roof or covering, so the students have to eat here, often sitting on the ground, rain or shine.

    The total cost is $3,000. Even a gift of $300 would make a huge difference toward the completion of this goal!

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Children have to sit on broken chairs every day. Imagine trying to learn while also having to ignore an uncomfortable, broken chair! You can give furniture and other school supplies today.
Classrooms are in need of proper window coverings. Black fabric is all they have now, which keeps classrooms cooler, but also prevents natural light from coming in. With your help, we can give MA Cancun proper window coverings that will keep classrooms cool and allow natural light in at the same time.
The cafeteria at Mano Amiga Cancun currently has no roof or tables. Help us build a shelter for the cafeteria so the children can have some protection from the hot sun and rain!

The best way to improve the lives of people in Cancun, Mexico, is to give the children access to quality education.

With your help, the students of Mano Amiga Cancun will be able to start the 2019-2020 school year off with everything they need to learn and grow to their fullest potential.
Click the green “Give Now” button to give now and change a child’s life forever.
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