Mano Amiga Schools

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Mano Amiga was founded in 1963 in Mexico to bring high quality Catholic education to children from low-income families.

CWM is proud to support 37 Mano Amiga campuses in 8 countries throughout Latin America and the Philippines. Thanks to you, 22,000 children have been educated at a Mano Amiga school. 22,000 children who would have never had the chance to go to school otherwise. 22,000 children who will grow up to give back to their communities as doctors, teachers, and loving parents, all because you made it possible for them to get a high quality, life-changing Catholic education at a Mano Amiga school!


Education is one of the core services we provide to communities in need. Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, we support Mano Amiga Schools in the following countries:


MA around Argentina name
MA around Colombia name
Picture of a boy with the word "El Salvador" under his picture
Mano Amiga Around the World Logo
Guatemalan child smiling
Mano Amiga Philippines
Mano Amiga Sponsor a child's education

Meet some of the people whose lives you’ve changed through Mano Amiga:

Mano Amiga Student Jonathan Martinez
Mano Amiga Parent Tito Lescano
Mano Amiga Parent Gabriela Vera
Máo Amiga Student Octavio Pereia
Máo Amiga Student Kethlyn Almeida
Máo Amiga Student William Santos
Mano Amiga Alumni Alvaro S. Jiménez
Mano Amiga Teacher Jinela Maria Villa
Mano Amiga Teacher Lorena Rodriquez
Mano Amiga Teacher Waldir Echeverri
Mano Amiga Student Alexander Muñoz
Mano Amiga Student David Palacio
Mano Amiga School Chaplin Fr. David Joyce, LC
Mano Amiga Student Mario José Orellana
Mano Amiga Student Belinda Campos
Mano Amiga Student Juan José González
Mano Amigo Student Paula Isabella Ovando
Mano Amiga Student Fernando Raúl Franco
Mano Amiga Student Juan Castro
Mano Amiga Student Andy Rivero Pech
Mano Amiga Student Eunice Bolaños
Mano Amiga Students Scholarship Winners
Mano Amiga Student Christopher Huerta
Mano Amiga Student Jenifer Pérez
Mano Amiga Student Jennifer Rivas
Mano Amiga Student Julio César Palacios
Mano Amiga Student Octavio Palacios
Mano Amiga Students Gabriela & Josmar
Mano Amiga Student Miguel
Mano Amiga Student Neil Ramos
Mano Amiga Student Ayessa Kirsten
Mano Amiga Student Mark Piolo
Mano Amiga Student Angelou Presinede
Mano Amiga Student Reniel Andrino
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