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Mano Amiga Venezuela

Population: 29,275,460
Percent Below Poverty Line: 32.1%

Venezuela has been in economic turmoil since 2013, since the death of President Hugo Chavez. Turmoil led to violence and crime, and inflation rose from below 20% to over 63.4% in six months which is higher than anywhere else in the Americas. Increased inflation caused food, power, and water shortages leading to mass unrest. The most sustainable part of their economy, education, was becoming unaffordable. Thanks to your generosity many students are able to remain in school despite the astronomical cost of education.

About Mano Amiga Venezuela

Mano Amiga has operated in Venezuela for over 22 years, serving children of low income families in two locations: Fila de Mariches and Fila de Turgua.

These two schools not only offer quality education with strong values, but also sports and other extracurricular activities that foster the integral development of every child.

Mano Amiga Mariches Students

Mano Amiga Mariches

Students: 967
Founded: 1994
Location: Fila de Mariches, Venezuela

Mano Amiga at Fila de Mariches currently educates children from kindergarten through high school. The school is staffed with dedicated teachers who care deeply about the well being of the students. Mano Amiga’s vision is to end the cycle of poverty.

“In my spiritual life Mano Amiga helped me to understand God’s love. It made me aware of His presence and that I can count on Him for everything. He is a faithful friend. I’ll never forget the Masses, parents, and religion teachers who so lovingly taught us the love of God. I still consider today that I am growing in my faith. I credited the strength of my beliefs to Mano Amiga.”

– Richeidy Villamizar, Former Student & now Teacher

Mano Amiga La Montaña-Turgua

Students: 420
Founded: 2004
Location: Fila de Turgua, Venezuela

Mano Amiga works to transform the lives of children in impoverished areas who face obstacles in obtaining an education. Mano Amiga La Montaña-Turgua meets students’ educational and spiritual needs and provides healthcare and daily nutrition for them.

Mano Amiga assists families by offering pediatric care, gynecology, family medicine, and dentistry. The children are given daily breakfast and lunch. Students get to take part in all the sacraments, youth clubs, musicals, art classes, and in sports. Programs are also in place for families to receive extra food and medicine at home and often includes clothing donations. There are also programs for parents.

The facilities of the Mano Amiga schools were built to give students the best possible environments for education, including science labs and computer labs, sports fields, spacious classrooms, playgrounds, a dental office, a doctor’s office, a chapel, and more!

To this date, Mano Amiga in Venezuela has graduated over 650 high school students. 60% of these graduates entered the best universities in the country and obtained a degree. Many of them receive scholarships due to their high academic performance.

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