Help a child defeat hunger. Give meals today!

Every summer, children who rely on meals they receive at school face food insecurity. You can help today.

Every summer, children from low-income families, who rely on the meals they get at school, face hunger. As schools closed in March and sent students home to learn remotely, the risk of hunger for these children has been prolonged. They need help more than ever before!

This summer, Mercy Missions Atlanta is working to fill this need, and you can help today. In partnership with Smart Lunch, Smart Kid, Mercy Missions Atlanta hopes to provide 3,600 meals for local children in need. On July 25, Mercy Missions Atlanta missionaries will collect, pack, and distribute meal boxes. Each meal box will contain three meals—enough food for 1,200 children.

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Meals will be packaged on July 25. There's no time to wait; please, give today!

With “Packing Day” just around the corner—July 25—your help is urgently needed to ensure there’s enough food for 1,200 children. Here’s what your generosity will do:

  • $1,500 – provide 1, 800 meal boxes (enough food for 600 children)
  • $750 – provide 900 meal boxes (enough food for 300 children)
  • $375 – provide 450 meal boxes (enough food for 150 children)
  • $100 – provide 40 meal boxes (enough food for about 13 children)

Matching Fund Extends Your Gift!

Thankfully, this project has the added benefit of a matching gift, so every dollar you give goes twice as far! That means: $1,500 is really $3,000 (and funds the entire project!); $750 is really $1,500 (and provides 1,800 meal boxes!); $375 is really $750 (and provides 900 meal boxes); and so on!

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You can help provide 3600 meals for children in need this summer

Even though these are difficult times for us all, it’s easier than ever before to make sure a child in need doesn’t have to suffer unnecessarily. Give right now and protect a child from hunger today!

Who is Mercy Missions Atlanta?

Mercy Missions Atlanta serves the local community by giving teens and young adults opportunities to serve as missionaries.

Mercy Missions Atlanta is a faith-based organization dedicated to serving the local community, forming disciples, and evangelizing the Gospel.  They do this through hosting mission opportunities for young adults & high-school aged teens on a monthly basis which include serving the homeless through the distribution of hygiene kits, sharing testimonies, and empowering their missionaries to encounter strangers with the compassion that Christ has for each of us.

Mercy Missions Atlanta also partners with other local nonprofits to help serve a wider client-base than would be possible on their own.

Click here to learn more about Mercy Missions Atlanta.

Please, give right now and help a child battling the short-term impacts of COVID-19.

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*All photos presented here are from missions in previous years. This year, missionaries will be following all CDC and archdiocesan guidelines for public safety, including wearing masks and social distancing.

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