How to Immediately Help African Orphans
Battling HIV/AIDS

The Sisters of Nazareth serve the poor in Johannesburg, South Africa. They need your help to give the best care to a very special group of children.

Amber* and Barry* are only 7 and 6, respectively, but they have lived at Nazareth House in Johannesburg, South Africa, for half their lives.

Nazareth House has the profound mission of caring for the forgotten—children, elderly, homeless, low-income mothers, and refugees. It was founded in 1896 and is operated by the Sisters of Nazareth, who have dedicated their lives to helping the poor.

Amber and Barry came to Nazareth House from an abusive home. It’s taken years of love and support from the Sisters—including counseling—for them to adapt to their new life at Nazareth House. But today, thanks in large part to the Sisters and the network of support they’ve built around Amber and Barry, the siblings are thriving. They have big dreams for the future: Barry wants to be a police officer when he grows up, and Amber dreams of being a doctor. How amazing that after everything they’ve been through, all they want to do when they grow up is help people!

Amber and Barry are siblings who have lived at Nazareth House in Johannesburg, South Africa, for half their lives.
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Sadly, Amber and Barry’s story of severe abuse and survival are not rare. Many of the children who come to Nazareth House come from similar environments. South Africa is one of the most economically unequal countries in the world, with 66.8% of children in South Africa living in poverty in 2015. Many at Nazareth House also suffer with HIV/AIDS.

The courageous Sisters sacrifice so much to be able to give the children a better life. They get by with the absolute bare minimum, all so they can give the best possible care to as many people as possible.

And they need your help to do just that.

You can help the Sisters of Nazareth in South Africa help fight childhood poverty!
The Sisters of Nazareth help care for many in Johannesburg, including mothers, orphans, and the elderly.

How you can help orphans battling HIV/AIDS

Because so many of their residents battle HIV/AIDS, the Sisters’ most pressing needs include antiretroviral (ARV) medicines. ARV medicines greatly improve the quality of life of those battling HIV/AIDS, allowing them to live healthier, longer lives and better control the progression of the disease. The orphans the Sisters care for have no way to pay for these vital medicines.

That’s where you come in.

$75 is all it takes to provide an entire year’s worth of ARV medication for an HIV-positive orphan.

That means:

  • $750 provides medicine for 10 deserving orphans for a year
  • $300 provides ARV for 4 orphans for a year
  • $150 provides ARV for 2 orphans for a year
  • $75 provides ARV for 1 orphan for a year
  • $38 provides ARV for 1 orphan for 6 months

Just $20 provides ARV for a child for 3 months! Literally every dollar you give will have a huge impact on the lives of these children.

NOW is the time to give so that precious children like Amber and Barry can grow and thrive. Their young lives began in fear and tragedy. You can be the reason their stories progress in hope instead.

Click the green “Give Now” button to help right now.

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of the children.

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Help fight childhood poverty with a Catholic charity that serves the poor in South Africa today.
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